Wellness & Spa Programs and Retreats

Offering a variety of experiences, spa programs and holistic activities, the Mandalay Wellness & Spa retreats find the main inspiration in South East Asia therapies. We will help you to pause and take time out from your daily routine to focus on the self. Pull back from the world and give yourself a time for wellbeing. 
Surrender to the expertise of our therapists and focus only on the essential – YOU 

Our Main Goal

At Mandalay Wellness & Spa we take a more holistic approach to everything we do, focusing on achieving individual goals, whether it be detoxifying, pampering, relaxing or controlling your weight, through various wellness activities combined with treatments inspired by Thai royal healing traditions and Indian Ayurvedic Medicine, in line with healthy eating. All of our retreats have been thought out carefully, so that your experience ends balanced, inspired and reconnected. 

Mandalay Wellness & Spa retreats are located in various parts of the country, in 5-star hotels. You have 1, 2 or 5 days solutions which can be done individually, as a couple or in small groups. Your retreat will be guided by a specialized spa therapist and everything is prepared so that you can disconnect completely. 






Ideal weight

Health Coaching

Choose your goal and Preferred Location

De-Stress & Positive Intelligence 

Personalized program

Minimum 2 days - From 635€

This program is ideal for people in need of time to step back from their life, to recover energies and gain perspective again. We have combined the lifestyle coaching sessions - to comprehend how to...

Detox & Health Coaching 

Personalized program

Minimum 2 days - From 634 €

Cleansing your body and mind is essential to your health. This retreat is ideal for people who are looking to detox and cleanse the body. Focuses on health and detox counselling, and specific...

Energy Booster

Recovery | Boost Energy | Stress Relief

Minimum 2 days - From 510€

Ideal for those feeling tired, overwhelmed, lethargic.This retreat helps to de-stress, replenish depleted energy levels and recover balance through a variety of activities such as Thai and Indian...

Weight Management

Ideal Weight | Physical Balance | Detox 

Minimum 2 days - From 605€

Control your weight in a healthy manner. This retreat combines 3 main points: Detox & Sculpting Spa Treatments to improve your appearance, Nutritional Guidance for...

Energy Renewal

Recover | Boost Energy | Stress Relief  

7 to 8 hours - € 362

Ideal for those that feel tired, overwhelmed, lethargic.This retreat helps to inspire self-connection and renewal through a variety of very specific Spa Treatments that will work on the meridians,...

Beauty Day Program

Beauty | wellbeing | Pampering

7 to 8 hours - € 458,50

A perfect pampering day, from head to toe.Mandalay Spa has combined a wide range of Spa and Ayurvedic Treatments along with wellness sessions to improve your happiness, appearance and mental health....

Digital Detox Day Program

Detox | Replenish | Revitalize

6 to 7 hours - 335€

Ideal for those that voluntarily want to disconnect the mind and body from digital world for a day. A very specific day retreat that will help you disconnect in order to connect with yourself through...


Cleanse | Balance | Holistic

Minimum 2 days (option without accommodation)
From € 440

Ideal for those feeling tired, bloated, emotionally down and in need to detox & cleanse.This retreat has a more holistic approach to detox. Combines different activities - Ayurvedic Spa...

Healthy Day Program

Immersive Relaxation | Mindfulness | De-Stress

7 to 8 hours - 441 €

Ideal for those who feel overworked, fatigued, and mentally tired.This day program helps you escape for a day from your busy schedule, to a place where you can forget, relax and recharge the mind and...

Retreat & Disconnect

Relax | Renew | Calm Down

Minimum 2 days (option without accommodation)
From 500,50€

Take time out from your regular routine. This retreat will help you to disconnect from the outside world. Explore the green fields, surrender to the hands of our therapists, indulge to the ayurvedic...

Often our individual goals are mixed and we need a little bit of everything to feel good.

If you have not found what you are looking for, want a more customized approach to the program or simply need help choosing your retreat, let us know a little more about you and your goals. A wellness specialist will help you with a personalized program.

Appreciated the counselling received prior to my Karin Herzog products purchase (which I love). A special thank you to Mónica that explained and advised me with special care and detail. An experience to repeat. Thank you.

Ana Cristina

I loved it. The customer service, Beatriz’s massage, the tranquility, the aroma, the pool. I will be back soon!!!!!

Marina Azevedo Oliveira

Um dos melhores Spas que já visitei. Toda a experiência foi maravilhosa, desde a envolvência do espaço que parece transportar-nos para um Oásis, até à massagem onde a terapeuta foi sempre muito atenciosa. Não se esqueçam de aproveitar o banho turco.

Cristina Perinha

Simply divine! From the moment we enter the spa, till we left, we felt like we were on the best place to relax. I did an ultimate deep pressure with Carolina and I just regret not booking for more time. Excellent work. See you soon.

Sónia de Castro

Excelente SPA em que as magníficas se conciliam na perfeição com a qualidade das terapeutas. Recomendo vivamente!

Luis Taborda

Excelente massagem de relaxamento. Muitos parabéns por todo o vosso conceito e atenção ao cliente. O vosso spa do restelo está num local fenomenal, bem perto do meu trabalho e transpira dedicação e relaxamento. 5 estrelas, é absolutamente maravilhoso! Dica para quem ler este testemunho: se puderem, tomem banho antes da massagem. Não vão acreditar no quão bom é sentir durante todo o dia, o vosso corpo com o perfume do aroma terapêutico que vai ser usado durante a massagem.

Rute Almeida

Obrigado a todos no cityspa pelo bem-estar que me proporcionaram. Não sou um cliente fácil de agradar e muito menos de testemunhar. Só por isso estão de parabéns. Foi a 1ª vez que recebi um voucher presente de massagem e achei estranho, mas por que não? Demorei a ir mas quando fui finalmente, senti-me mesmo bem depois da massagem e matei a curiosidade: Já sei porque é que é chamada de A melhor massagem relaxante do mundo! Vou voltar, até breve!

Igor Pereira

High level Spa, an excellent water circuit, and a special thank you to the therapist Sofia Gonçalves for the fantastic experience!

Ricardo Póvoa

I adored the “Mother to be massage done by Marisa. It was extremely relaxing. Highly recommended.

Rita Cesário

I loved every single moment. Good service from well educated employees, friendly people, a perfect environment to unwind and relax for a day couple of hours.

Kady Barros

Carla Cardoso