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1 min

"This Christmas surprise someone special with a Mandalay Spa Gift Voucher"

Can you think of one good reason why you shouldn´t surprise someone special in your life with a Mandalay Spa Gift Voucher this Christmas?It´s much easier to...

Consulting | 1 min

How to prepare the opening of your Spa?

Despite the growing recognition of the importance of the Wellness & Spa area in the hotel sector, with the...

Thematic | 3 min

The best gifts to offer to the best mom in the world

For many, the search for the ideal offer for someone as special as a Mother is a headache. What I suggest is that you...

Massages | 4 min

Massages in Lisbon - How to find the most suitable for me?

Visiting a Spa for massages in Lisbon can be common for many, or it can be considered a luxury for others, however it...

Wellness | 6 min

5 practices to cultivate Mindfulness during the day

Working in the Health and Wellness area, we are often asked by our clients why they have so much muscle tension, and...

Clipping | 1 min

Dolce CampoReal, Torres Vedras

O Mandalay Spa acaba de abrir no Hotel Dolce Campo Real Lisboa, em Torres Vedras. Trata-se do primeiro Mandalay SPA em...

Clipping | 1 min

Dolce CampoReal Lisboa abre primeiro Mandalay spa em Portugal

O Dolce CampoReal Lisboa, em Torres Vedras, inaugurou o primeiro Mandalay Spa em Portugal, que oferece “várias...

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