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Face Treatments | min

Massages | min

12 Mitos e Verdades sobre a Massagem Drenante que poderão surpreender!

Massages | 4 min

Massages to relieve headache: Discover the best suggestions for immediate relief

Do you feel pain in the forehead and back of the neck or pressure on the eyes and neck? Massages to relieve headaches...

Massages | 7 min

How to choose the best Ayurvedic Massage in Lisbon and balance your energies (with suggestions!)

Do you feel out of energy, out of ideas and notice that the small physical pains of everyday life start to bother you...

Massages | 4 min

Why you should get an energy massage today: we give you 13 reasons (and treatment suggestions!)

Do you feel that your body is out of balance? Need more energy in your everyday life? Want to fight fatigue once and...

Massages | 4 min

Learn how to choose the best Sports Massage without making a mistake

Anyone who practices sport knows that recovery periods are just as important as periods of activity. In addition to...

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