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Envolve yourself in the harmony of finding your natural balance, revitalizing your body, mind and spirit. Awaken your senses to new aromas, sounds and therapies. Massages, treatments and exclusive rituals that calm your mind, find your inner beauty and restablish the balance in your body. CitySpa is a multi-award-winning spa. Since 2014 is the “Best Luxury Day Spa”, by World Luxury Spa Awards.

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Wellness & Spa Treatments and Experiences

CitySpa is your Luxury DaySpa in Lisbon, with a complete list of relaxing rituals for your health and well-being. Discover our facial rituals, our massages and body treatments, with a full range exclusively for men teamed up with the best Spa Brands (Aromatherapy Associates, The Refinery, Karin Herzog and Linda Meredith).



by CitySpa

World´s Best Relaxing Massage (1pax)

    The perfect combination of the best relaxation techniques in the world in one massage. Ideal for releasing stress and muscle tension. Body, mind and spirit in total balance.

    by CitySpa

    Hyaluronic Mask

    Naturally found in the body, hyaluronic acid secures moisture and creates fullness — the skin is naturally youthful. This powerful treatment plumps fine lines and wrinkles due to increased...

    by CitySpa


    Ayurvedic massage, which originates from traditional Indian medicine, is a vigorous massage that stimulates the muscles and blood circulation, liberating toxins. It provides greater flexibility to...

    by CitySpa

    Back & Shoulders

      Specific ritual to work only on tension zones like the back, neck, shoulders and head. Ideal for anyone who feels constant muscle tension.

      by CitySpa

      Collagen Boost

      Collagen is essential to skin regeneration. A refreshing experience with a fine sheet impregnated with freeze dried collagen is moistened into the contours of the face and deeply delivered to the...

      by CitySpa

      Aroma Rain Shower

      Gentle and moisturizing exfoliation with salts aromatized with essential oils.. 2 or 4 hand massage under Vichy shower. A perfect match for a deeply relaxing and aromatic experience.

      by CitySpa

      CitySpa Relax

      For a unique and life-changing experience CitySpa conceived a ritual that gathers a relaxing massage, combining it with a moisturizing exfoliation. The ritual is only complete with an outstanding...

      by CitySpa

      De-Stress Muscle

      Energizing ritual with rhythmic movements, neuromuscular and digital-pressure techniques. Perfect for accumulated stress, discomfort in neck, shoulders, lower back, arms and legs. By using...

      by CitySpa

      Deep Tissue Massage

      Ideal for unlocking muscle tension points, promoting quick physical recovery and a sense of relief and well-being.

      by CitySpa

      Lymphatic Drainage

      Extremely effective specific technique of pressure throughout the lymphatic system, extremely effective in reducing fluid retention in the body.

      by CitySpa

      Detox Exfoliation

      Detoxifying body scrub with salt, for a deeply cleansed and detoxified skin.

      by CitySpa

      Body & Face Scrub

      A hydrating body exfoliation. For the face a soothing exfoliation, to clean and moisture the skin. The final glamour touch is our body cream, a veil of shimmering nourishing softness.

      by CitySpa

      Exotic Ritual

      Body scrub with marine salts and essential oils, followed by a hydratating facial exfoliation makes this ritual a true pamper. The therapeutic massage scented with essential oils completes the...

      by CitySpa

      Happy Birthday Massage @ CitySpa

      What could be better than offering well-being for the birthday of someone special? Get it right with a fully customizable aromatherapy massage in essential oils and the technique used for a...

      by CitySpa

      Haute Couture

      Luxurious treatment customizable to the needs and expectations of each client, such as a couture suit. Cleansing and exfoliation prepare the skin for a luxurious facial massage with essential...

      by CitySpa

      Nourishing Ritual

      Body treatment ideal for those with dry or devitalized skin or to prepare the skin and regenerate after periods of intense sun exposure. Combining essential oils and nutritious ingredients, it...

      by CitySpa

      Hot & Cold Stone Massage

      A holistic massage using volcanic hot stones, that promotes an extraordinary feeling of wellbeing and deep relaxation. The effect of the essential oils associated with the heated stones make this...

      by CitySpa

      Deep Cleansing Oxygen Ritual

      The most complete deep cleansing facial ritual. So effective that combines the extraction of impurities, the oxygenation and detoxifying of any skin type. For a light, toned and cleansed skin.

      by CitySpa

      Body Slimming Massage

      The combination of cold marble stones with 4% oxygen will enhance the effects of a powerful slimming massage.

      by CitySpa

      Anti-cellulite Massage

      Massage with Gotu Kola extract and walnut leaf for smoother skin and defined contours.

      by CitySpa

      Detox Massage

      Detox massage with essential oils that boost the metabolism and help in the elimination of toxins.

      by CitySpa

      Mother To Be

      Carefully designed for pregnant and nursing mothers, this ritual uses safe massage techniques to help you relief backaches while lymphatic drainage techniques are used to relieve fluid retention...

      by CitySpa

      Relax Massage

      A relaxing massage with soft techniques combined with deep tissue movements, adapting perfectly to specific needs. Body, mind and spirit in total balance.

      by CitySpa


      Osteopathic treatment which aims to correct the normal functioning of the osteomuscular frame, using manual techniques to diagnose and treat a great variety of health problems, mainly to do with...

      by CitySpa

      Quick & Beautiful

      A cleansing mini facial, ideal to quickly restore brightness, elasticity and oxygenation to the most tired and damaged skins. Using facial pressure point techniques, and a combination of essential...

      by CitySpa

      Celulite Defense Ritual

      Full body scrub with laminaria algae salt followed by a green tea wrap and vigorous anti-cellulite massage. This treatment helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite by reducing the accumulation...

      by CitySpa

      Oxygen Ritual (Customized)

      Oxygen is nature’s most powerful healing element and has been used for years for various skin problems. This ritual begins with a facial analysis of the condition of your skin, which will...

      by CitySpa

      Himalayan Ritual

      The ritual begins with a scrub and wrap with Himalayan salt followed by a modeling massage with essential oils. Ideal for those who want to cleanse the body and slim down.

      by CitySpa

      Draining And Toning

      A draining and toning massage with green tea and B12 vitamin, to eliminate toxins, thin and tone the body. Excellent in case of pregnancy and fluid retention. Ideal for muscle toning.

      by CitySpa

      Ritual Silhouette

      Green tea wrap and cold stone draining massage to combat accumulated fat and reduce cellulite in the most problematic areas of the thigh, buttocks and abdomen.

      by CitySpa


      A therapy of physical and energetic re-equilibrium from the traditional Japanese medicine. Shiatsu uses finger tip pressure on the muscles, joints and spinal column. It releases tension and...

      by CitySpa

      Sleep & Reset (Sleep Therapy)

      Do you suffer from insomnia or have trouble getting a good night’s sleep? This therapy will induce you to a deep state of relaxation that will help you get a perfect night’s sleep. It starts with...

      by CitySpa

      The Refinery Anti-ageing

      Complete facial with powerful active ingredients that stimulates the skin at the deepest level. The facial muscles are toned and the skin comes to life, moisturised, with fine lines and wrinkles...

      by CitySpa

      The Refinery Essential Facial

      When times is short and you need to be at your best, then this ritual is ideal. Deep cleansing of the male skin, followed by exfoliation and extraction of impurities. Application of mask with...

      by CitySpa

      The Refinery Ultimate Face & Body

      Begin your experience with a refreshing back cleansing and exfoliation. Continue with an anti-stress ayurvedic back and scalp massage that will relieve muscular pains. Enjoy a facial treatment...

      by CitySpa

      Time For Two (2pax)

      Exclusive couple massage, deeply relaxing and detoxifying! A body scrub will prepare you to feel the power of essential oils in a massage of pure relaxation. Unique feeling of well-being.

      by CitySpa

      Time With Mom

      Enjoy time together with a special massage to unwind and enjoy a 100% relaxing moment to share between mother and child

      by CitySpa

      Ultimate Experience (1pax)

      A brief initial consultation will quickly evaluate yor current physical and emotional needs. With the right essential oil (over 10 to choose from), this treatment works from head to toes, with...

      by CitySpa


      The alternative to BOTOX! The V-TOX uses algae derivatives to relax the skin. This natural alternative solution uses the added benefit of a botanical cream designed specifically to relax and...

      by CitySpa

      Pre Summer

      Prepare your body for the hottest months of the year! Body and face exfoliation, followed by moisturizing facial express. Your skin will be incredibly smooth and silky!

      by CitySpa

      Revive Massage

      A fantastic exfoliation with brush, followed by revitalizing massage with rosemary, grapefruit and juniper essential oils. The boost of energy to feel refreshed!

      Spa Card – Special Conditions

      Have you not yet acquired our Spa Card? It is charged monthly, and gives you access to several discounted services and products, as well as exclusive advantages. Opportunities for massages with a Spa Card start from as little as 34eur.

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      213 632 492

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      From Tuesday to Saturday - 10 am to 8 pm

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      Discover CitySpa, your Day Spa in Lisbon

      The discreet tones of this spa create a harmonious environment that relaxes you, making this the perfect place to find your equilibrium and peace of mind. CitySpa offering a wide range of products and spa treatments from the most prestigious international brands (Aromatherapy Associates, The Refinery, Karin Herzog and Linda Meredith). The treatment rooms are distinguished by their comfort, and the relaxation area is surrounded by an atmosphere with aromas that awaken the senses and prolong the zen state after rituals. Considered by many as an oasis in central Lisbon. The perfect opportunity to unwind and forget the outside world – even if it´s just for a few moments.

      Excelente massagem de relaxamento. Muitos parabéns por todo o vosso conceito e atenção ao cliente. O vosso spa do restelo está num local fenomenal, bem perto do meu trabalho e transpira dedicação e relaxamento. 5 estrelas, é absolutamente maravilhoso! Dica para quem ler este testemunho: se puderem, tomem banho antes da massagem. Não vão acreditar no quão bom é sentir durante todo o dia, o vosso corpo com o perfume do aroma terapêutico que vai ser usado durante a massagem.

      Rute Almeida

      Obrigado a todos no cityspa pelo bem-estar que me proporcionaram. Não sou um cliente fácil de agradar e muito menos de testemunhar. Só por isso estão de parabéns. Foi a 1ª vez que recebi um voucher presente de massagem e achei estranho, mas por que não? Demorei a ir mas quando fui finalmente, senti-me mesmo bem depois da massagem e matei a curiosidade: Já sei porque é que é chamada de A melhor massagem relaxante do mundo! Vou voltar, até breve!

      Igor Pereira

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What types of treatments can you find at CitySpa?

      Our spa in Lisbon offers a range of massages, exclusive rituals, facials, body treatments and even special offers for men and memorable birthday gifts, such as the best seller "The Best Relaxing Massage in the World". If you are unsure about the treatment that is right for you, call (+351) 213 632 492 and get advice from our experienced therapists.


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