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TOPSPA Consultants was created in 2005, with the vision of being a leader in the creation and management of wellness solutions.

We are pioneers in the industry in Portugal - the first dedicated exclusively to consulting in spas. We define ourselves as an atelier specialized in creating unique moments of well-being, authentic and genuine sensory trips, which help people to achieve a more harmonious and holistic life.

We are independent from the sale of spa equipment and cosmetic brands, so that we can design and create innovative and profitable spa concepts anywhere in the world.

With experience in managing spas in multiple segments of hotels and resorts, we currently have a vast team of employees with backgrounds and training in various areas, but always united by the same passion that we use in the service of our hotel customers.

We are followers of the ancient traditions of healing and well-being, the philosophy that makes the most sense to us. Enhancing the power of the human touch while minimizing the interference of technology, combined with innovation are the ingredients of our DNA to develop genuine wellness strategies and solutions.

We guarantee that in your spa, created or managed by us, nothing is left to chance. For TOPSPA Consultants, every detail counts to make your guest's experience a memorable one. Only in this way can we make your spa profitable and enjoy high notoriety and prestige.

The success of your spa is our success as a company.


TOPSPA Consultants has a set of consultancy and management services in order to guarantee the best results of your spa, always with a high level of quality in the services provided.





Development of a creative and differentiating concept.

Spa Design

Architectural project to optimize and monetize the space.


Support in every steps of the project.

Set Up

Brochure creation, brand selection and equipment.


SOP’s definition, handbooks, recruitment and training.


Support in every activity related to the startup of the Spa unit.


Spa management

We didn't invent spas, we just make them better.

If you are looking for a partnership for the management and profitability of your hotel or resort's spa in order to reach the maximum commercial potential, guaranteeing hotel standards, contact us.

TOPSPA Consultants has extensive experience in managing spas in hotels and resorts. Over more than 15 years in the market, we acquired a wide and relevant know-how that contributed to the efficient and successful management of the spas under our management, being frequently recognized through the continuous vote of confidence of our hotel partners, feedback from guests and international awards won.

Managing a spa means having a great deal of knowledge in the most diverse areas, in terms of human resources management, strategic and operational marketing, including operational management and financial management. Trust us with the management of your spa and we ensure an excellent integration of our team in your hotel, ensuring the profitability of your spa.

For those looking for turnkey concepts we have two own brands operating in the market - Mandalay Spa and Blu Spa. The maximum speed of implementation and the professional management guarantee of TOPSPA Consultants, oriented towards customer satisfaction, allows the success of these tested and optimized concepts for strong operational results.

Our brands

If you are looking for a turnkey concept, TOPSPA Consultants has created two own brands operating in the market - Mandalay Spa and Blu Spa. The implementation and guarantee of professional management of TOPSPA Consultants, allows the success of your spa with a tried and tested concept. optimized to achieve strong operational results and service excellence.

Mandalay. Feel the moment. Relax how you want and find yourself.

The Mandalay Spa brand owes its name to the last royal capital of Burma, founded by King Mindon in 1847 as a center for Buddhist teaching. The philosophy of Mandalay Spa is inspired by traditions that go back many centuries ago, and is deeply rooted in therapies from Southeast Asia.

With a luxurious design spa and full of details, we have created treatments based on healing traditions of Thai royalty and Indian Ayurvedic medicine, carried out with the intuitive touch of experienced therapists.

Combining traditional remedies with a deep therapeutic touch, Mandalay Spa is committed to providing authentic spa experiences to relax, uplift the spirit and achieve emotional happiness.

Dive into an Ocean of Tranquility.

The oceans are the source of inspiration for BluSpa. An innovative concept, easy to integrate into the hotel, with a modern look & feel and a carefully designed, calm and energizing spa.

We have created an engaging atmosphere to awaken the senses and provide a holistic approach to physical and spiritual well-being with treatments focused on original relaxation methods inspired by marine immersion (Cocoon) and marine aromas.

Taking as a starting point the benefits of marine biotechnology cosmetics, the intuition of our therapists and a differentiating spa design, everything we do is the result of motivation and passion to create unique moments of well-being. BluSpa @ National Geographic Traveler Collection.



We want to know your project. To schedule a meeting, fill out the form or send an email to geral@topspa.pt.


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