We continue to provide you with unforgettable experiences, with the same quality and safety that we have already used. During this pandemic crisis, counting on your vote of confidence is valuable for us. 

The safety of employees and our customers is our number one priority. 

We comfort you with the thought that you can count on us, as we count on you.

You can now make reservations for massage and face rituals.

You can book online your massage or treatment, visit your favourite spa here and make your online reservation. Available: CitySpa (Restelo), Mandalay Royal Óbidos (Óbidos), Mandalay Spa Liberdade (Lisbon) e Mandalay Spa Flores (Porto), BluSpa Falésia (Albufeira), BluSpa Jupiter (Lisbon) and BSpa by Karin Herzog (Lisboa) Soon: Mandalay Spa CampoReal (Torres Vedras)

We provide you with some insight to our commitments:

With an absolute adherence to WHO and DGS guidelines, TOPSPA Collection applies a wide range of prevention, hygiene and safety measures in order to guarantee the excellence in all our services. 

Our main preventive measures and the Guide for our customers are as follows:


Know in detail the changes we have made:

Physical Space

  • Spa circuits and water services have been restricted. 
  • We adjusted the waiting area, reception, and treatment areas to maintain the social distance between customers. 
  • All surfaces in public areas will be sanitized regularly 
  • The treatment and reception areas are cleaned and sanitized between clients 
  • Where possible, we use disposable items 
  • Rooms frequently renewed with fresh air 
  • We increased the pause between treatments, ensuring hygiene and limiting any congestion in the changing rooms. 
  • The capacity of the relaxation room has been reduced by 50%. Magazines, drinks, and food items have been removed


  • The protocols and procedures of our services have been adapted to the new hygiene and protection requirements. 
  • The team will permanently use the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (mask, visors, and gloves). 
  • Washing and disinfecting the therapist’s hands is mandatory before and after all services. 
  • The therapist will never leave your room during treatment, minimizing the need for PPE replacement and disinfection. 
  • In our massage rooms, the table and other equipment used are subject to disinfection in accordance with DGS Guideline 014/2020.


  • Our team is trained to guarantee the highest standards of cleaning and hygiene.
  • The team is prepared to guarantee the new operating requirements under the COVID Free guidelines.

We ask our customers to

  • Complete your lifestyle questionnaire online. After confirming the reservation, you will be sent a link to with the questionnaire.
  • Arrive only 5 minutes before the scheduled time for your treatment, minimizing contact with other customers at the reception.
  • If there is another customer at the reception, please wait for your turn before entering.
  • Wear a mask in all enclosed spaces, please bring your own.
  • Disinfect your hands at the reception.
  • Wash your hands when you arrive and leave the changing rooms.
  • Follow respiratory guidelines in public areas


  • Reschedule your treatment if:
    • You have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or have symptoms such as fever, cough, headaches.
    • You are in isolation or if someone you live with is in isolation or has symptoms consistent with COVID-19