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Discover Southeast Asia without having to travel.

In the center of Lisbon, a short distance from the famous Avenida da Liberdade, you will find Mandalay Spa Liberdade, inserted in the PortoBay Liberdade Hotel. Enjoy an oasis of serenity, with deeply personalized spa experiences in more than 700 square meters of well-being that include, 4 treatment rooms, 2 of which are for couples, a relaxation room, gym, vitality pool, lounge amethyst steam, sauna and relaxation room overlooking a garden.

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Wellness & Spa Treatments and Experiences

Find specific massages to relax, fight insomnia and cleanse all toxins from the body, as well as exclusive rituals, facials and specific treatments for men at Mandalay Spa Liberdade. We only managed to have the best rituals, with the collaboration of some excellent brands such as: Sundãri (for Indian rituals), Ytsara (for Thai rituals), The Refinery (exclusive brand for men) and Linda Meredith and Karin Herzog (for luxurious treatments facial). Get to know the Mandalay Spa rituals now, and do not miss the opportunity to come and try them!

Signature Treatments


by Mandalay Spa

Collagen Boost

Collagen is essential to skin regeneration. A refreshing experience with a fine sheet impregnated with freeze dried collagen is moistened into the contours of the face and deeply delivered to the...

by Mandalay Spa

Detox Program

A complete detoxifying experience for mind and body. This program was designed to heal and cleanse while purifying the skin.

Your day will include:
Full use of spa facilities;

by Mandalay Spa

Exotic Coconut Ritual

Delicie-se com os benefícios hidratantes do coco. O ritual inicia com uma esfoliação corporal à base de coco para uma pele revitalizada e nutrida. Uma completa e envolvente massagem, adaptando...

by Mandalay Spa

Deep Cleasing Facial

The most complete deep cleansing facial ritual, that combines the extraction of impurities, the oxygenation and detoxification of any skin type. For a luminous, toned and cleansed skin.

by Mandalay Spa

Essential Facial

When time is short and you need to be at your best, then this ritual is ideal. Deep skin cleansing, exfoliation and mask with moisturising and detoxifying properties. For a clean and glowing...

by Mandalay Spa

Purifying Facial

Targeting skin problems such as acne, this ritual ensures efficiency with no equal. This treatment deeply cleanses and detoxifies the skin relieving it of impurities and bacteria, rebalancing its...

by Mandalay Spa

Rejuvenating Facial

Using fresh and natural fruit enzymes and extracts, this facial resurfaces the skin, accelerates cell regeneration and creates a more balanced skin tone. 3% oxygen will be directly applied on...

by Mandalay Spa

Revitalizing Facial

Complete facial with active and potent ingredients that stimulates the skin at the deepest level. The facial muscles are toned and the skin comes to life, moisturised, with fine lines and wrinkles...

by Mandalay Spa

Facial V-tox

The alternative to BOTOX! The V-TOX uses algae derivatives to relax the skin. This natural alternative solution uses the added benefit of a botanical cream designed specifically to relax and...

by Mandalay Spa

Happy Birthday Massage @ Mandalay Spa

On such a special day, offer a memorable sensory massage! Inspired by the best ancestral techniques of Southeast Asia, a ritual completely customized to the preferences of the birthday person!...

by Mandalay Spa

Haute Couture

Haute Couture meaning individually designed for each client. A deep cleansing is carried out by a senior therapist, which will assess any skin problem and adapt the treatment to the specific needs...

by Mandalay Spa

Himalayan Detox Treatment

Due to its natural antibacterial properties, Himalayan Salt helps to detoxify and purify the body. The treatment starts with an Himalayan salt scrub and wrap to cleanse and encourage the body to...

by Mandalay Spa

Honey Moon (2pax)

The perfect combination for a couples delight. Combining a Hawaiian massage, inspired by the centenary therapeutic method Lomi Lomi of the ancient Polynesian cultures of Hawaii, with an hydration...

by Mandalay Spa

Kansa Ritual

This unique experience uses a Kansa wand made of sacred bronze recognized in India as a healing metal. It warms as it is massaged on the skin creating many benefits, such as stress relieve,...

by Mandalay Spa

Mandalay Healing Experience

A day of self-indulgent treatments to reconnect with your mind and soul and treat your body to some well-deserved pamper time.

Your day will include:
Full use of spa...

by Mandalay Spa

Mandalay Royal

Feel like a royal member and completely indulge and immerse with the best rituals of Mandalay Spa.

Your day will include:
Full use of our spa facilities;

by Mandalay Spa

Hyaluronic Mask

Naturally found in the body, hyaluronic acid secures moisture and creates fullness — the skin is naturally youthful. This powerful treatment plumps fine lines and wrinkles due to increased...

by Mandalay Spa

Abhyanga Massage

Profound relaxation—using Abhyanga, or literally, “oil massage.” This rhythmic and deeply relaxing massage rejuvenates by clearing stagnant energy using warm oils and varying amounts of pressure...

by Mandalay Spa

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurveda, the ancient science of healing body, mind and soul. This massage invites you to take a step into the knowledge of the Vedas and embrace your bodies natural healing powers. Performed in a...

by Mandalay Spa

Massagem Ayurvédica À Cabeça

An ancient Indian head massage technique, to relieve tension to expel stress and reintegrate harmony.

by Mandalay Spa

Back Massage

A relaxing back massage.

by Mandalay Spa


Carefully designed for pregnant and nursing mothers, uses safe relaxation techniques to help you relief backaches. Lymphatic drainage techniques are used to relieve fluid retention and weight of...

by Mandalay Spa

Revitalizing Or Hydrating Mini-facial

Skin cleansing, exfoliation and mask with oxygenating and moisturising properties.

by Mandalay Spa

Mommy & Me

Spas aren’t just for grown-ups! Ideal for restless children, with lack of focus and insomnias. This massage uses Thai techniques of gentle pressure on the scalp, legs and feet, followed by an...

by Mandalay Spa

Foot & Leg Ritual

A treatment helping to soothe heavy painful, legs with a contrast of hot and cold to stimulate blood circulation.

by Mandalay Spa

Prana Vital Energy

The perfect massage to start your day. A combination of energizing massage techniques and a heated poultice, work with Ytsara’s Vital Energy Body Oil to inspire self-connection and renewal. The...

by Mandalay Spa

Shirodhara Ritual

Shirodhara is a powerful and peaceful experience—based on Ayurvedic healing therapy in use for thousands of years. The therapist directs a warm stream of oil onto the forehead into the hair and...

by Mandalay Spa

Scrub 4 You

Organic and natural scrubs with essential oils for an energizing or relaxing action.

by Mandalay Spa


Working especially the mother/baby relationship (which can also be father/baby). Our therapist will teach the Shantala massage – an ancient Indian massage, defined by its simplicity, enchanting...

by Mandalay Spa

Siam Healing Back Massage (1pax)

Experience the healing effects of the ancestral technique – “Tok Sen” that delivers vibrations to the deeper muscles. When combined with Western massage movements on the back, shoulders & neck...

by Mandalay Spa

Switch-Off (Sleep Therapy) 

Unique and highly effective ritual to induce deep relaxation. It begins with a relaxing foot soak, followed by slow and deep movements that work in tune with hot and soothing Thai herbal poultice....

by Mandalay Spa

Tailormade Ritual

by Mandalay Spa

Time For You

A totally personalized program designed to meet each client’s needs or preferences. Please choose 3 treatments, one from each category:

Category 1:

by Mandalay Spa

Tranquil Journey (1pax)

Slow, deep movements work in tune with your breathing whilst a warm and calming, herbal poultice melts away tension. Everything around you slows down. Your mind and body reconnect.

by Mandalay Spa

Ultimate Deep Pressure

Relieve stiff and sore muscles with a deep muscular treatment that combines steamed therapeutic herbs with a rare essential oil found only on two remote islands in the Pacific Ocean. The ancient...

by Mandalay Spa

Ultimate Face And Body Treatment

Begin your experience with a refreshing back cleansing and exfoliation. Continue on with an anti-stress ayurvedic back and scalp massage that will relieve muscular pains. Then enjoy a facial...

by Mandalay Spa

Green Tea Effect

Green tea, originated in Southeast Asia, will make your legs feel floating. Invigorating body massage with green tea wrap around the legs – the ideal duo to make you feel lighter!

by Mandalay Spa

Mindset Relief

Let yourself immerse in the Ayurvedic healing rituals! Body massage with neem therapeutic benefits, followed by capillary hydration and scalp pressure points.

Spa Card – Special Conditions

Have you not yet acquired our Spa Card? It is charged monthly, and gives you access to several discounted services and products, as well as exclusive advantages. Opportunities for massages with a Spa Card start from as little as 34eur.

Address and Contacts

Mandalay Spa Liberdade

Hotel PortoBay Liberdade
Rua Rosa Araújo 8, 1250-195

210 015 740

Opening Hours

From Monday to Sunday - 10 am to 7 pm

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The Mandalay Spa Liberdade, close to the famous Avenida da Liberdade, has a spacious heated indoor pool (14×5 meters) with natural light, hydromassage and water jets. In the area surrounding the pool there are sun loungers inside, as well as a pleasant outdoor patio. It is the perfect retreat to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

In 2016, the PortoBay Liberdade Spa won the “Best Luxury Emerging Spa’ and in 2017, 2018 and 2019 the“Best Luxury Hotel Spa ’, by the World Luxury Spa Awards. 

We believe that balance is the key to a happy life, so at Mandalay Spa our devotion is to help you choose the path to inner peace.

Simply divine! From the moment we enter the spa, till we left, we felt like we were on the best place to relax. I did an ultimate deep pressure with Carolina and I just regret not booking for more time. Excellent work. See you soon.

Sónia de Castro

Excelente SPA em que as magníficas se conciliam na perfeição com a qualidade das terapeutas. Recomendo vivamente!

Luis Taborda


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