Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data or text files that a website installs on the user's device (computer, smartphone, or tablet, etc.). Each cookie contains a unique code that allows you to recognize your browser when visiting the site or to improve the experience on future visits. The content of a cookie usually consists of the name of the server that installed it, an expiration date, and a unique numeric code.


Does the website www.topspa.pt use Cookies?

To optimize the experience of using the Website www.topspa.pt, cookies are used. They help maintain visitor information and allow you to determine your preferences, assist in filling out forms and collecting performance indicators.


Should I accept the use of Cookies?


TOPSPA uses the following cookies on its website:

- Analytical Cookies:

These cookies allow to analyze the performance of the website and its functionalities, as well as to measure audiences. They help, for example, to identify the most common geographical area of ​​IP addresses, the devices used to access the site, the most visited pages, or the links the user clicks on.

- Functional Cookies:

These cookies allow you to personalize the content of the website according to your preferences, interests, and previous visits. If you do not allow these cookies, some features of the website may not work correctly.

- Third Party Cookies:

These cookies allow the collection of information by external platforms as a complement for greater efficiency in the information and statistics collected.