BSpa by Karin Herzog

Tranquility by the riverside.

BSpa by Karin Herzog of Altis Belem Hotel & Spa in Lisbon, is an exclusive spa of the Swiss brand Karina Herzog in Portugal. The outdoor surroundings inspire tranquility at the riverside, with 1000 m2, this spa was designed to provide total comfort in a cosy and natural environment that incentivates meditation and relaxation. The Thermo Garden gives BSpa by Karin Herzog a set of characteristics that make it unique: – A large dynamic indoor pool – Sauna – Hammam – Turkish bath – Sensory showers – Outdoor pool on the sundeck.

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Wellness & Spa Treatments and Experiences

Combining the effectiveness of the most advanced oxygen therapy technology, with ancient oriental relaxation traditions, our rituals provide you with holistic, inspiring moments with truly visible results. BSpa by Karin Herzog is the only spa with the Karin Herzog brand in Portugal. It is a leading Swiss brand in active oxygen with two worldwide patents. Recognized for its effectiveness and speed in treating skin. It is recognized in the medical field and is the preferred brand of many personalities such as: Sir Elton John, Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Uma Thurman and more recently, Princess Kate Middleton. Get to know all the rituals of BSpa by Karin Herzog.

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Ayurvedic consists in a very deep massage technique that includes vigorous movements on all the body muscles, combined with tapping, kneading, and key energy organ stimulation. Induces a...

by BSpa

B Alive

Because our father is always the best and most beautiful! Localized massage to unblock muscle tension points, followed by a hydrating express facial treatment. Promote quality time to your...

by BSpa

B Balanced

A fantastic aromatherapy massage with neuro-muscular techniques, foot reflexology and digital pressure acting on the chakras and on circulatory and lymphatic system. The power of essential oils...

by BSpa

B Detoxed

– Detox Scrub
– Draining & Toning Massage
– Purifying Facial
– Hand and Foot Oxygen Treatment

by BSpa

B Exotic

Feel all the energy and strength of Mother Earth in a deep tissue massage, using specific massage techniques with the bamboo sticks and rose oil. Ideal to release muscle tension and ensuring a...

by BSpa

B In Love

    An exclusive couples massage inspired by the therapeutic method Lomi Lomi of the ancient cultures of Hawai. Is the perfect combination of energy work and deep relaxation, revealing to be a sensory...

    by BSpa

    B Lovely (2pax)

    – Scrub
    – B in Love Massage

    by BSpa

    B My Scrub

    For a refined and silky skin! Body exfoliation and massage using rice powder to smooth and remove dead skin cells from all skin types.

    by BSpa

    B Pampered (4 Hands Program)

    – Vichy Shower Massage
    – Facial of your choice
    – Hand and Foot Oxygen Treatment

    by BSpa

    Draining & Toning

    A draining and toning massage with green tea, jasmin and vitamin B12 to eliminate toxins, shape and tone the body. Ideal for weight lost, diet cases, swollen legs, limpness and water retention.

    by BSpa

    Draining & Toning

    A draining and toning massage with green tea, jasmin and vitamin B12 to eliminate toxins, shape and tone the body. Ideal for swollen legs and water retention.

    by BSpa

    Happy Birthday Massage @ BSpa

    A massage specially designed for birthday celebrations! With massage techniques customized to the needs of each one, this massage combines the relaxing power of lavender essential oil with the...

    by BSpa

    Hot&Cold Stone Therapy

    The combination of this holistic massage using volcanic hot stones and the effect of the essential oils associated perfect for those who need to release build up tension. The ritual ends with a...

    by BSpa


      Carefully designed for pregnant and nursing mothers, this ritual uses safe massage techniques to help you relief backaches and the constant disconfort in your legs. This massage is safe throughout...

      by BSpa

      Swedish Massage

      A relaxing massage with soft techniques combined with deep tissue movements, adapting perfectly to specific needs. Body, mind and spirit in total balance.

      by BSpa

      Thai Massage

      Uses bodily maneuvers involving twists, compressions and stretching exercises to release points where vital energy is blocked. Increases the flexibility of muscles and joints

      by BSpa

      TopSpa Massage

      The perfect combination of the best massage techniques – Swedish, shiatsu, ayurvedic, tui na and reflexology in a holistic ritual of relaxation. Ideal for releasing stress and muscle tensions...

      by BSpa

      Me & Mom

      SPA is not just for grown-ups! Enjoy your time together with our special massage to unwind and enjoy a 100% relaxing time for 2. For children aged 6 and over. The thermo-garden facilities can only...

      by BSpa

      O2 Anti-Ageing

      Ritual facial regenerador que combina as duas patentes mundiais Karin Herzog – Oxigénio e Vitamina A. A ação suave das enzimas deixa a pele visivelmente renovada com textura acetinada, firme e...

      by BSpa

      O2 Chocolate

      Combines antioxydant properties from the chocolat and oxygen benefits, the skin is nourished with vitamins and minerals with exceptional results: deep hydration and capacity for cell renewal. A...

      by BSpa

      O2 Pregnancy Facial

      A facial specially designed for future moms. At a time of many changes, let the power of oxygen help you keep your skin healthy, moisturized and nourished.

      by BSpa

      O2 Hyalu-lift

      A fantastic combination of hyaluronic acid with active oxygen for a firm and toned skin! The results are clinically proven to reduce deep wrinkles, increase elasticity, firmness and smoothness of...

      by BSpa

      O2 Deep Cleansing

      The most complete deep cleansing facial ritual. Extration of impurities, oxygenation and detoxification of all skin types. For a tight, toned and cleaned skin.

      by BSpa

      O2 Purifying

      For those who have skin problems such as acne, this ritual ensures efficiency. Eliminates all the impurities, rebalancing the production of the skin oiliness. The skin recovers its capacity...

      by BSpa

      Quick & Fix

      Ideal to quickly restore brightness, elasticity and oxygenation to the most tired and damaged skins. Using facial pressure point techniques and an effective combination of essential rose oil,...

      by BSpa


      Shiatsu originated in japan, is a body therapy that uses pressure with the fingers along the body to unlock and increase vital energy, promoting wellbeing.

      by BSpa

      Tratamento Adelgaçante

      With amazing efficacy of 4% Oxygen this treatment has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, preventing damage to the skin tissue process. It resurfaces the skin and improves...

      by BSpa

      Detox Treatment

      Due to its natural antibacterial properties, Himalayan Salt helps to detoxify and purify the body. The treatment starts with an Himalayan salt scrub and wrap to cleanse and encourage the body...

      by BSpa

      Cellulite Reduction Treatment

      The treatment begins with a localized body polish to smooth the skin roughness, a green tea body wrap will follow to encourage the reduction os cellulite, as a foot massage is being...

      by BSpa

      Vichy Shower Massage

      Choose from the draining, relaxing or detoxifying effects and get na aromatherapy massage under a Vichy rain shower. Add-on: a scrub in the Vichy massage would be fantastic.

      by BSpa


      Osteopathic treatment which aims to correct the normal functioning of the osteomuscular frame, using manual techniques to diagnose and treat a great variety of health problems.

      by BSpa

      Happy Body

      Draining massage with green tea, jasmine and vitamin B12 to eliminate toxins and improve circulation. Followed by a drainage massage to the face and eyes with the best oxygen-based products.

      by BSpa

      Time Out

        Choose 2 rituals:

        - Relax Massage;
        - Indian Head Massage;
        - Back Massage;
        - Moisturizing Hand Treatment;
        - Draining Leg Massage;
        - Anti-Aging Oxygen Mini-Facial.

        by BSpa

        Vichy Bliss

        Uma relaxante massagem de aromaterapia sob os múltiplos jatos de aspersão (duche vichy), verdadeiramente inesquecível!

        Spa Card – Special Conditions

        Have you not yet acquired our Spa Card? It is charged monthly, and gives you access to several discounted services and products, as well as exclusive advantages. Opportunities for massages with a Spa Card start from as little as 34eur.

        Address and Contacts

        BSpa by Karin Herzog

        Altis Belém Hotel&Spa
        Doca do Bom Sucesso, 1400-038

        210 400 220

        Opening Hours

        From Monday to Sunday - 10 am to 7 pm

        Come and visit us and have a memorable Wellness & Spa
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        BSpa by Karin Herzog: A space of complete tranquility by the river

        BSpa by Karin Herzog is in the Altis Belém Hotel & Spa. It is the perfect place to get away from the constant bustle of the city. A haven of well-being and tranquility. Let your senses invade you through the Zen atmosphere, your whole body relax even before the treatment commences. 

        The stunning Thermo Garden (Large dynamic indoor pool, Sauna, Hammam, Turkish bath, Sensory showers and Outdoor pool in the sundeck), treatments that combine the best techniques and products, are the ideal combination to renew the mind, body and soul. 

        BSpa by Karin Herzog it was one of the spas distinguished at the World Luxury Spa Awards. In 2013 and 2016 he won the “Best Luxury Emerging Spa” and in 2014 and 2015 he was a finalist in the same category.

        Appreciated the counselling received prior to my Karin Herzog products purchase (which I love). A special thank you to Mónica that explained and advised me with special care and detail. An experience to repeat. Thank you.

        Ana Cristina

        I loved it. The customer service, Beatriz’s massage, the tranquility, the aroma, the pool. I will be back soon!!!!!

        Marina Azevedo Oliveira

        Um dos melhores Spas que já visitei. Toda a experiência foi maravilhosa, desde a envolvência do espaço que parece transportar-nos para um Oásis, até à massagem onde a terapeuta foi sempre muito atenciosa. Não se esqueçam de aproveitar o banho turco.

        Cristina Perinha


        Cultivate Mindfulness