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"Chinese Massage: learn how it works and what is its influence on other massages"

Chinese Massage is an ancient therapy that restores energy balance. Over time, it has been used as a complementary technique in other massages with the aim of enhancing a set of benefits. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about this ancient therapy and how Chinese Massage influences other massages.


imagem de massagem chinesa
Massages have benefits for different age groups.

Know what is Chinese Massage

Chinese Massage is one of the therapies of Traditional Chinese Medicine that is based on the premise that in our body there are channels (meridians) through which energy (Chi) circulates.

Meridians have been mapped since immemorial time and knowledge about them has been deepened over thousands of years.


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, when the flow of energy (Chi) is disturbed, imbalances are created that manifest through illness and other emotional discomforts.


During a Chinese Massage, pressure is applied to certain points along the meridians that are directly related to certain organs. By acting on the channels through which energy circulates, it is possible to restore energy balance, contributing to the cure of diseases and the overall well-being of the organism.

Chi or Qi is the energy that circulates in our organism and that can also be found in Nature. It is the life force that balances life. Chi, like Yin and Yang, are basic concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is why Chinese Massage and other therapies seek to maintain its balance and stimulate its flow.


Meet Tui Na, the ex-libris of Chinese Massage

Among the different techniques of Chinese Massage, Tui Na is considered the massage of excellence. It goes beyond muscle relaxation and, as we have seen, helps to restore the energy balance of organs and organic functions by acting on the channels through which energy circulates. This procedure improves the general condition of the organism and contributes to:

  • Restoring balances;
  • Relax the muscles;
  • Improve muscle irrigation;
  • Promote the circulation of energy and blood.

Tui Na means “pull and hold” and the maneuvers are performed with the fingers and knuckles, using the palm and back of the hand and, in some cases, the elbow.

The most used movements in this technique are pressure, sliding and circulation that can be combined with each other, as well as the pushing and pinching movement. The massage is done in an alternating way between rhythmic and softer movements.


This aspect of Chinese Massage is suitable for different age groups and, in this sense, children, young people, adults and seniors can benefit from a set of therapeutic effects.


In this way, the Chinese Tui Na Massage is indicated as a therapeutic complement in the following scenarios:

  • Pain: neck, back and head;
  • Muscle changes: tendinitis, fibromyalgia and contractures;
  • Energy deficiency: fatigue, tiredness and prostration;
  • Gynecological problems: premenstrual syndrome;
  • Imbalances of the nervous system;
  • Digestive and respiratory conditions, among others.


imagem de massagem chinesa nas costas
This type of massage restores the balance of the meridians


Understand the relationship between Chinese Massage and TopSpa massage

Some massages combine Chinese Massage procedures for even more comprehensive benefits. This is the case of the TopSpa massage, which integrates several ancestral techniques, including the Tui Na technique. Let's find out how it works, right now.


The TopSpa massage is a holistic ritual that combines different techniques used by traditional Southwest Asian medicines for a unique experience, with extensive benefits from a therapeutic and relaxation point of view.


Paying attention to the meridians and the flow of energy, the various ancestral practices are based on a holistic philosophy that mind and body interact as one and if one is out of balance, disease appears.

What makes this massage so unique is the combination of multiple techniques:

  • Shiatsu;
  • Ayurvedic;
  • Tui Na;
  • Reflexology.
  • Thai.


Here are 10 reasons why people love TopSpa Massage:

By associating different techniques and procedures, this massage combines a set of benefits, many of them common to all techniques, of which we highlight 10. Check it out:

1. Restores the balance of the meridians contributing to the free flow of energy in the body, with a special focus on the inclusion of Chinese Massage techniques;

2. Strengthens immunity, especially with Ayurvedic Massage movements, eliminating toxins from the body;

3. Improves blood circulation and oxygenation of cells;

4. It causes a psychological and emotional effect that increases self-esteem;

5. It releases dopamine and serotonin, that is, it improves mood;

6. Use stretches that promote muscle release and stretch the muscles;

7. Relieves depression, through the application of exact pressures on Qi trigger points, with implications for the body and mind;

8. Improves sleep quality;

9. Supports the fight against asthma, through the attenuation of contractions of the involuntary muscles of the respiratory tract;

10. It's an opportunity to take time to take care of yourself, safely.


More than enough reasons to try this holistic experience that combines several holistic techniques, including the Chinese Tui Na Massage techniques with procedures from other parts of the world so that you can make the most of all the benefits.


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