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Sara Batista

published in 9 de Abril de 2020 | 4 reading time

"Discover the Magic of Ayurveda"

Ready to learn more about this ancient medicinal therapy?

Why opt for Ayurveda?

Indian medicine is increasingly popular because it views the body as a whole.

It has as a principle the balance between body and mind and therefore believes that good health is the direct result of living in harmony with yourself and the universe.

Let us simplify…

Imagine you have a headache for several days; you have tried everything and it doesn’t pass… what do you do? Go to the doctor, of course. During the consultation, several questions are asked; How is the pain? How do you characterize it from 1 to 10? When do you feel the most pain? When did you start having this pain?

After that, you will probably do some exams and you will be given the respective medication according to the diagnosis.

In the case of Ayurvedic medicine, what would be the approach? We are not going to treat the symptom, but try to understand its origin; Have you slept well? Have you been under stress lately? Do you have a healthy and balanced diet? Did you have any emotional changes in your life?

And this is what Ayurveda medicine will treat – the cause, the finding of physical, emotional and mental balance and not the symptom.

In summary…

The basis of Ayurveda is prevention, maintaining the balance of the human being. Caring for health and not an eventual illness.

So, if you feel that your energy has stagnated, that you are blocked without ideas, without initiatives, without energy, or even that small physical pains start to bother you and you don’t understand why, take time for yourself and come to know some of the treatments of this ancient science, such as the deep relaxation of the Shirodhara Ritual or Abhyanga Massage, the balance of energy with Kansa or the invigorating Traditional Ayurvedic Massage. At Mandalay Spa in Lisbon, Porto, Torres Vedras and Óbidos, we do these rituals. For example, try starting your day with an Ayurvedic massage – which will renew your energy, using the oil best suited to your type of dosha…

Dosha? After all what are doshas?

For Ayurvedic medicine, doshas are biotopes of energy, which are associated with the physical and psychological characteristics of each person.

In Ayurveda medicine each person is treated in a personalized way and according to their own biotypes. An assessment is made of each person individually, realizing what their dominant dosha is and what is unbalancing them.

We have 3 doshas:

1. Pitta (Fire and Water)

Individuals with a predominance of these elements are of medium size, accelerated metabolism and normally thirsty. They tend to be active and critical. Pitta is characterized by what is hot, liquid, sour and oily.

2. Vata (Air)

They are slim people, with little musculature, tall and have a low body temperature. They are usually agile, enthusiastic, communicative and undecisive. Vata combines qualities such as skin dryness, enjoys light, appreciates colder temperatures and has an assertive nature.

3. Kapha (Land and Water)

This combination is associated with a strong and broad physical structure, with a tendency to gain weight. Such people are stable, slow, patient and more laidback. Kapha skin is dense, smooth and oily.

In Ayurvedic medicine, when there is an element in excess or in need, an illness or health condition appears.

Hence the importance of understanding the type of dosha for each one, because only in this way it is possible to understand which elements are unbalanced and how to rebalance them.

How do I connect to this philosophy?

Ayurveda medicine believes that we must be in constant search of our balance, using different techniques, from meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, massages and a healthy diet.

Explore the various of rituals inspired by the wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine at the Mandalay Spa and take care of your health, preventing imbalances and consequent illnesses. Rituals are also available in the form of gift vouchers gift vouchers.

Do you want to take the next step? Have you ever thought, for example, of doing an Ayurvedic retreat? Take time to connect with your self? Imagine taking a “guided tour” by experts in each of these techniques…

Take a break, rest, breathe – and nurture yourself. Find your inner oasis in a new philosophy and discover it at Mandalay Wellness & Spa.

Sara Batista

Com formação em técnicas de Spa e termalismo e mais de 6 anos de experiência na área SPA, tem vindo a desenvolver e aprofundar o seu conhecimento e competências na área da medicina ayurvédica e macrobiótica, tendo ainda participado em vários retiros com o objectivo de auto-conhecimento. Sara é hoje responsável de operações de um Mandalay Spa, e é formadora certificada por diversas marcas internacionais da área spa. Sara é ainda uma apaixonada pelas artes, nomeadamente a pintura e teatro, qualidades que explora nos videos de bem-estar que desenvolve para as redes sociais da marca Mandalay Spa.

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