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"How a Hotel with Spa can change your life in just one weekend"

With the reality of faster and more exhausting routines, taking care of our body and mind is essential. Sometimes it only takes a weekend to regain strength and gain a new meaning of life. Did you know that a weekend at a Hotel with Spa can be a transforming experience, with physical, emotional, and aesthetic benefits?

To find out how you can transform your life in just 2 days, read our article. We will explain everything to you and even give you suggestions for experiences in the best Spa Hotels in Portugal.

The Hotels with Spa have exclusive spaces designed to detail so that you can enjoy a unique experience

4 Reasons why a hotel with a spa is such a special place


In a Hotel with Spa, the spaces are thought to detail and the feeling is that we have discovered a real oasis amidst the bustle of the city.

At the entrance, the feeling of tranquility is immediate, as everything contributes to relaxation: from the colors to the aromas, without forgetting the sounds. Find out why:

Illumination interspersed with natural light and the flickering light of the candles provide serenity.

• The pleasant and balanced temperature associated with the aromas, with calming properties, increases the feeling of peace.

• The presence of elements related to nature, such as stones, plants and water sources, enhance the peaceful surrounding atmosphere.

• In addition, the quiet and calm environment, far from noise and possible distractions, invites relaxation.

All of this allows you to enjoy an authentic sensory experience as soon as you enter these spaces!


3 Ways to transform your life with a trip to a Hotel with Spa:


More health

One of the benefits of spa treatments is the improvement in the quality of sleep, which can profoundly change your mood, your disposition for daily tasks and even make your body better reorganize its functions.

Furthermore, sleep disturbances are associated with an increased risk of developing certain diseases, such as diabetes or cardiovascular problems.

The relaxation effect also has other benefits:

• Reduces muscle tension;

• Improves blood circulation;

• Relieves musculoskeletal pain (chronic or transient);

• Preserves cardiac function;

• Strengthens the immune system.


Greater emotional balance

A hotel stay means, in many cases, an escape from routine, which is already beneficial for mental well-being. If we combine Spa treatments, the benefits are even greater and allow:

• Rest the mind;

• Increase emotional stability;

• Renew energies;

• Increase availability and willingness to resume normal tasks;

• Improve attention and other brain functions.

Furthermore, some treatments, such as massage, favor the increase in the levels of dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters associated with mood regulation, and endorphins, known as the well-being hormones.

Other evidence also shows that massage reduces cortisol, known as the stress hormone. As a result, feelings of sadness and anxiety also decrease.


Greater self-esteem

Some Spa treatments are focused on aesthetic improvements, which often contribute to greater self-esteem.

With the correct procedure, it is possible to reduce cellulite or localized fat, minimize signs of aging and firm the skin, restoring its elasticity, shine, and hydration.

Sometimes self-esteem and self-confidence are related to how we see ourselves. By taking care of ourselves, we nurture the most important of all relationships and foster self-love. An apprenticeship that can truly transform your way of being in life.


What to do in a hotel with a Spa: suggestions for a dream weekend


First, you can always enjoy the common areas, which generally include a jacuzzi, sauna and Turkish bath. These options already do a lot for your body and mind, but let's get to know other suggestions.


Start by working on your emotions

Making a Wellness Retreat at a Hotel with Spa allows you to start the weekend in the best possible mood. You can carry out different programs, spa treatments and activities with different objectives, including relaxing, detoxifying, controlling weight or even, who knows, changing lifestyle habits, all under the guidance of specialized professionals.

A wellness retreat is the ideal occasion to make time for yourself. By exercising self-knowledge, it will then be easier to devote time to those around you.

These wellness experiences are available in some of the best Spa Hotels in the North, such as the Mandalay Spa, whose concept also extends to Lisbon and Óbidos.


Invest in your physical well being

Taking care of the body can be the next step, through the different massage options that can be applied to various areas of the body, with different purposes.

Relaxing massages, for example, help to relieve stress. Draining and toning, on the other hand, help to eliminate toxins and slim the body. You can also choose between deeper and less pressure techniques.

These massages can be inspired by Southeast Asian traditions, such as Thai, allowing you to travel without leaving your seat. They can be found in some Luxury Hotels in Portugal with Spa.

These treatments can be done alone, but it is also possible to experience them as a couple or even with your child! In these cases, massage sessions can serve to strengthen bonds of intimacy and strengthen relationships, with life long benefits.


Take care of your image

Before leaving the hotel, take the time to treat your face and ensure better health for your skin. An experience that will leave you with renewed confidence.

Facial treatments improve cell oxygenation, ensuring healthier, more beautiful and luminous skin. For this, there are several procedures such as:

• Anti age;

• Lift effect;

• Purifiers;

• Collagen application;

• Deep cleaning.

If you are looking for a Hotel with Spa in Lisbon with facial treatments, you can visit BSpa by Karin Herzog, which offers oxygen therapies that guarantee very fast results.

Pack your bags now and choose the best hotel with Spa to pamper yourself

Now that you've seen almost everything a Hotel with Spa can do for your well-being, it's time to choose the place to enjoy these moments.

From North to South of the country, you can find some good options of Hotels with Spa and Massages that offer enriching experiences provided by specialized professionals, who use the most suitable techniques for your case.

Once you've visited these special places and tried out the suggestions in this article, you'll find that taking the time to invest in yourself will become a priority!





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