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Melissa Ferreira

published in 1 de Março de 2021 | 6 reading time

"Everything you ever wanted to know about Thai massages"

Did you know that Thai massage techniques are the most recommended to combat everyday stress to which we are increasingly exposed? There are several existing massages based on Thai techniques whose origin goes back to ancient Indian and Chinese medicines and practices such as yoga or meditation.

All massages of Thai origin are based on ancient techniques with proven results over time.

The time in Asia is lengthy – measured in millennials – and the roots of Thai massage go back more than 2500 years. This massage uses pressure points and stretches at its base to unlock and rebalance stagnant energy along the energy lines in our body. These power lines are responsible for our health and well-being.

Energetic lines or meridians used in Thai massage

There are several types of Thai root massages: traditional, Thai pindas, tok sen, oil massage.

Thai Inspired Massages

Nowadays, both in Thailand and the rest of the world, there are different Thai-inspired techniques. Here we will discuss the 4 most common in the western world.

1. Traditional Thai Massage Technique

The traditional Thai massage is performed on the floor, without oil and during the massage the client remains dressed. This is done only with the thumbs, palms of the hands, eventually using the elbows and knees to put more pressure on the massage.

Often, passive yoga is heard in this massage, as the therapist performs several stretches equivalent to the typical Yoga positions that will help in energetic unlocking.

2. Thai Massage Technique with Pindas

There are many Thai-inspired massages that use pindas to help with muscle relaxation and energy release. And what are Thai pindas?

Pindas are an instrument made of fabric, usually linen, stuffed with herbs and medicinal plants that are heated by steam to be applied to the body. In this technique, you get the benefits of massage, the warmth that pindas emanate and the therapeutic effect of the herbs used. Learn  about Thai massages that use pindas here.

Traditional Thai pindas

3. Thai Massage Technique with Tok Sen

Less well known in the West is the use of Thai massage using Tok Sen.

Tok Sen is a hammer-like instrument. It is made of tamarind wood and is also used on the energetic meridians of the body. Through tapping movements, which promote a vibration, it is possible to reach a deeper level (muscle) increasing the state of relaxation. It is an excellent technique if you like deep massages, if you have muscle pain or a lot of accumulated stress.

Tok Sen massage

4. Thai massage technique with oil

Oil massages are the best known and the most widespread in the West side of the world. Massages are usually performed with heated oils to enhance the effect on the body, but their benefit depends on the characteristics of each oil used and the technique used. Thai oil massage can have a very energetic effect so you can have a session at the beginning of the workday, before an important meeting, and whenever you need to relieve stress by revitalizing your energy.

Some examples of the essential oils used in this Thai massage technique are:

  • Clove (Rainforest clove) – muscle relaxation
  • Capim Limão (Malabar grass) – deep relaxation
  • Chinese Orange (Shatangju) – detoxifying
  • Blue ginger – energizing

A better knowledge of the characteristics and effects of each of these techniques of Thai massage can enable you to choose the most appropriate one at any time.

Now that you know the main variants of Thai massage, you can choose the one that best suits your needs or that most aroused your curiosity.

Discover 5 essential benefits of Thai massage

The main benefit of Thai massage is to restore the meridian balance, but there are many others that come from this rebalancing:

1. Thai massage promotes muscle relaxation by reducing chronic pain

According to the American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA), stress promotes muscle tension, which in turn increases chronic pain. Thai massage reduces muscle tension by lowering cortisol levels, relaxing muscles, and increasing the feeling of well-being.

2. Thai massage stimulates venous circulation

Through draining techniques throughout the body, this massage stimulates the tissues by directing the fluids and improving the return circulation.

3. Thai massage strengthens the immune system

Our immune system is weakened when we are subjected to high levels of stress, which makes us more vulnerable to diseases that can range from simple flu to heart disease. Thai massage to reduce stress strengthens the immune system.

4. Thai massage releases the flow of energy

Thai massage uses pressure points and stretches to unblock the stagnant energy and start to flow freely in the body.

5. Thai massage increases the state of tranquility and well-being

Thai massage activates the 5 senses to promote general relaxation. The heated oils, aromas,and touch, will act on the nervous system, helping it to reach the desired level of tranquility and well-being.

Do you want to try a Thai massage? We leave some suggestions:

I will suggest some places where you can try Thai-inspired massages inside and outside Thailand.

If you are thinking of traveling to Thailand there are plenty of hotels, resorts and day spas where you can try Thai massages.

In Chiang Mai at the Fah Lanna Spa

Resort Fah Lanna Spa in Chiang Mai

Fah Lanna Spa is an award-winning spa located in Chiang Mai. Here you can find the various techniques of Thai massage: traditional, with oils, with pindas or even with Tok Sen.

Pimantip Spa

Double massage room at Pimantip Spa

Pimantip means “magic sky” and certainly Pimantip Spa remains true to its name. In addition to traditional massage, here you will also find foot massage, with oils or pindas.

In Hua Hin at Chiva Som

Involves lush Chiva Som in Hua Hin

Chiva Som is set in lush tropical gardens in Hua Hin, Thailand, and has direct access to the beach. It is a place where you can embark on a personal journey of well-being, supported, and guided by a team of experts.

Mandalay Spa

It is a renowned multi-award-winning spa, by the World Luxury Spa Awards, and has 3 locations in mainland Portugal. Mandalay Spa believes that balance is the key to a happy life and that is why it is devoted to helping people find the way to inner peace.

In its list of treatments, you will find several Southwest Asian rituals, among them several Thai-inspired massages. See which one is closest to you here:

Whatever the choice of technique to use, try this ancestral massage and see why it is considered one of the most chosen to minimize the stress of your day to day.

Melissa Ferreira

Com formação inicial na área de estética e cosmetologia, desenvolveu competências nas áreas técnicas de spa com especial relevo nas medicinas ancestrais do sudoeste asiático como a shantala, ayurvedica, shirodhara, massagens de inspiração tailandesa, entre outras. A Melissa é hoje Brand e Spa Manager da marca Mandalay Spa e é formadora certificada por diversas marcas internacionais da área spa. Com 14 anos de experiência profissional, 8 dos quais na indústria spa integra também a equipa de consultores eformadores na área de projetos da TOPSPA Consultants.

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