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"7 wellness routines for the colder days"

After the excesses of the summer months, it's time to recover your skin, create habits to pamper yourself and start a sleep routine that will help you get through the dark days with the necessary energy. Do you have difficulty falling asleep? Discover our sleep therapy.

Skin scalded from the sun. Dull hair due to salt and chlorine. The body re-setting the changes in rhythm. As much as we dream of entering autumn-winter, we need to give a little help to the natural process of cell regeneration, start a distinct sleep cycle and invest in a few healthy habits that, along the way, also promote beauty, self-esteem and the sensation of comfort.

Adopt these 7 wellness routines for the colder days and see how you can make this new self-care mission a pleasure:


1. Regain Sleep Routine


There are countless reasons that make sleeping well “the” fundamental wellness routine: it strengthens the immune system; controls anxieties and depression; regulates the hormones that control appetite (hence, weight loss); helps prevent colds, diabetes, cancer.  Several studies show that it also delays the visible effects of age, as skin cells regenerate during quality sleep.

Start getting a quality night's sleep! See your therapist and see how some details make a difference in your routine. Try sleep therapies and regain lost rest.


 Sleep & Reset (Sleep Therapy) - CitySpa


2. Do a weekly exfoliation and keep your skin hydrated


We care so much about the skin during the summer that it takes effort to keep it hydrated in winter too. However, we subject it to hot baths and thermal shocks until it flakes off, damaging the protective barrier.

Keeping skin hydrated and luminous is simple: do a weekly facial or body exfoliation. Cleans pores, regulates oiliness and soothes the skin, leaving it perfect and silky to the touch. One to two a week is enough to remove the dead cells and impurities that age it, encouraging the production of new cells with more collagen. And, of course, exfoliating prepares your skin for the next wellness routine: hydration.

All you need to do is drink water and choose a good moisturizing cream or oil, like those from Aromatherapy Associates available at CitySpa, and apply it after bathing or before going to bed. A simple trick is to mix a few drops of your favorite oil into your daily cream for full hydration.


Body Scrub - CitySpa

3. Stay warm and protect your skin

Low temperatures call for heat in the body, but special care must be taken with heaters, fireplaces, and air conditioners. Too much exposure results in dry skin, irritation, and even premature ageing. Don't neglect  moisturizing the skin on your face. Schedule a facial with a boost of collagen or hyaluronic acid, to stimulate the fibers responsible for the skin's firmness. And prefer to wrap yourself in a terrycloth blanket, with a cup of tea warming your hands.


4. Drink tea

Tea is a calming, moisturizing, diuretic, and antioxidant drink that improves metabolism, digestion, cellulite and sleep. Green teas, chamomile, valerian, and lemon balm are great for fighting free radicals that age the skin. Black tea or others that contain caffeine can even be stimulants, so an aromatic cup is always a good start on gray days.


5. Invest in a good massage

What winter brings of dreary and depressive can be counteracted with a massage, as it stimulates the release of endorphins associated with pleasure and the body's immune system. Massages improve muscle tension, circulation, anxiety and sleep, hence leading our wellness routines for colder days. Opt for the most complete full body, face, and scalp massages


World´s Best Relaxing Massageo - CitySpa

6. Get a facial

During the summer, the skin on the face was subjected to numerous attacks, making it vital to detoxify and cleanse the pores of excesses, regain moisture, elasticity and activate cell defenses. Make time for a full facial cleansing treatment or an anti-aging facial and always have your day-to-day facial care before leaving the house and at bedtime.

Always choose quality products, adjusted to the function and your skin type. Another secret for those who don't have time for more is to regularly do a quick facial that guarantees, in 45 minutes, cleansing, oxygenation and hydration of the skin.


7. Say goodbye to tired legs

It's our last wellness routine for the coldest days, but it could be our first. Bad habits such as sleeping curled up, wearing tight socks and shoes, drinking little fluid, spending afternoons sitting on the couch, and slowing down  result in poor circulation and tired legs. Take the opportunity and make a draining and toning treatment for your legs, in addition to relaxing yet tone, detox and take care of your legs.


As you can see, it takes very little to introduce a new routine and face autumn-winter in beauty. Some discipline and 7 simple wellness routines for the coldest days is all it takes to shine a new light and feel good!



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