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"10 benefits of massages that almost no one knows (and should)"

It's confirmed: a massage releases tension in the muscles and leaves the body in a desired point, which in itself is reason enough to want to do one. If to this we add more beautiful hair, greater immunity and numerous other advantages of massages, it's time to go running to a spa and schedule yours.


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1. Massages promote a good mood

All because the mood is influenced by dopamine and serotonin, one of the benefits of massage is to elevate these neurotransmitters at each session. At the same time, they restore the quality of sleep, the good functioning of the organs and the patient's self-esteem.


2. Massages make childbirth easier

Women who have gone through pregnancy know the cons: poor circulation, fluid retention, back and leg pain, mood swings. And here a therapist is worth gold, according to the American Pregnancy Association, which lists the benefits of massages: two a week reduce stress and improve cardiovascular health. In the postpartum period, lymphatic drainage helps to regain shape and induces a healthy relaxing effect for the relationship with the baby.

HIGHLIGHT: Massages for pregnant women help to withstand discomfort and regain silhouette later


3. Massage lessens physical disability and dementia effects

Particularly in cases of mild to medium degeneration. Scientists at the University of New Brunswick, Canada, found that people who suffered from this condition calmed down during and after sessions. Other benefits of massages? They alleviate pain, joint deterioration, anxiety, insomnia, and loneliness in the elderly.


4. Massages increase immunity

It's not science fiction: certain massages strengthen the immunity of the recipient, which is among their main advantages. Abhyanga favors the production of white blood cells and cell regeneration. Ayurvedic releases toxins from the body, strengthens the immune system and dissolves muscle tension. Thai improves blood circulation, lymphatic and physical and psychological well-being.

HIGHLIGHT: Massages such as Abhyanga or Ayurveda strengthen the immune system and blood and lymph circulation


5. Massages relieve depression

This is said by an investigation published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry: massages are great to ward off negative thoughts, discouragement, anguish and stress – in essence, the alarm signs at the base of depression. The body relaxes, the mind is the same and the patient gains a sense of himself that the will change behaviors. It is without a doubt one of the most powerful benefits of massage.


6. Massages enhances healthier hair

Beautiful hair requires relaxation and good circulation, so the benefits of scalp massage are undeniable. Starting with a greater density of hair and a significant reduction in hair loss, concluded a study by Japanese specialists in reconstructive surgery. The bonus is the immense pleasure that a hair massage gives us.

HIGHLIGHT: In addition to the pleasure they provide, hair massage helps reduce hair loss


7. Massages relieve pain

It's an incredible benefit: the pressure signals the body receives from massage reach the brain earlier than the pain signals, which inhibits the worst sensations. When stimulated, the pressure receptors that we have under the skin encourage the nerve to work. The result is relaxation as effective as what we would get from a meditation session.


8. Massages improve sleep quality

It is common to attribute insomnia to muscle tension, anxiety attacks, stress-related headaches. And here comes another of the great benefits of massages: by working on these factors, they provide general relaxation, stimulate the production of melatonin anddo wonders for sleep. Who will want to wake up after this?

FEATURE: When working on muscle tension, a good relaxation massage can do a lot for quality sleep.


9. Massages stimulate digestion

It can be a gentler massage if the patient has little elasticity in the gastric muscles, or a pressure work to knead the stomach and intestine, evacuate both organs and activate the tone of the muscle layers. Whatever the situation, the power of abdominal massage is to not let a good meal go wrong.


10. Massages soothe asthma attacks

Asthma sufferers know the importance of relaxation in the disease – and the effectiveness of massage in inducing it. It eases the involuntary muscle contractions of the respiratory tract and opens the patient's airway. When he feels better between attacks, massage helps to release accumulated mucus and repair exhausted respiratory muscles. These are just advantages! Try your relaxing massage now.


The benefits of massage are many and varied. Once performed by experienced therapists, they are great health promoters at any age. More than a pleasure guaranteed by endorphins, they are a way of taking care of health proven by science. Are you really going to miss the opportunity to have yours?


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