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Janine Tavares

published in 11 de Março de 2020 | 3 reading time

"Discover why sleep is one of the most important factors of your well-being"

Discover why sleep is one of the most important factors of your well-being

The “Millenials” have become the most exhausted generation ever and although Socrates has warned us “to be careful with the poverty of a busy life”, we continue to use “being always very busy” as a badge of honor, we never really take a break, and give ourselves time to care  for ourselves.

This lifestyle obviously has its consequences and we end up feeling them sooner or later, physically and mentally. Incredibly, it seems that a large percentage of the population sleeps less than 6 hours a night, when recommended between 7 and 9 hours while another large percentage has problems falling asleep or sleeping a whole night without waking up.

How detrimental is a bad night’s sleep?

Bad nights too often bring on symptoms such as headaches, lack of concentration, which also leads to poor decisions, anxiety, exhaustion, fatigue, lack of energy and we could continue to a little more extreme situations like high risk of heart attacks, diabetes, depression, among others.

Do you relate with any of these symptoms? – Extreme tiredness, lack of concentration and energy.

More than likely you are not alone in this situation, and we are here to help you acquire better habits before bed and even during the day, so that your quality of life and well-being can improve substantially.

It is not by chance that they call it “beauty sleep”, during deep sleep is when our body is restored and our brain consolidates memories and processes all the information of the day.

6 tips to improve your sleep:

  1. At least an hour before bed, turning off all electronic devices, the blue light of cell phones and tablets increases our attention and disrupts our sleep cycle, slowing it down. Choose to read a book, take a bath or do meditation.
  2. Having a calm mind will be one of the first things that will help you to improve your sleep and, consequently, everything else.
  3. Preparing things for the next day is always a good way to ensure that you are not stressed in the morning.
  4. Prepare your room for the best night’s sleep! It is preferable to have warm sheets, but at a lower ambient temperature and a dark environment. Light a burner with essential oils to induce deep relaxation.
  5. You can use a spray of essential oils Pillow Mist to spray your leaves, besides having a wonderful smell, it has proven immediate effect for sleep induction.
  6. If you continue to have difficulty falling asleep or simply desire a peaceful night, consider one of our sleep therapy rituals.

Our rituals for a perfect night’s sleep!

Sleep & Reset (Sleep Therapy) at CitySpa, is based on the ritual developed by Aromatherapy Associates, carefully created and thought to induce a deep state of relaxation through the entire preparation of the room with comforters and pillows, the use of delicate and effective sandalwood, vetiver and chamomile essential oils and massage techniques used by our therapists in order to work the central nervous system. The result is a perfect sense of well-being

The Switch Off (Sleep Therapy) at Mandalay Spa, is a unique ritual that begins with a relaxing foot soak, followed by a massage with slow and deep movements that work in tune with warm and calming Thai pindas. As a finishing touch, the table is carefully prepared with extra pillows and blankets, thus creating optimal conditions for a well-deserved sleep. Ideal for inducing sleep and dissolving accumulated tension and relieving an agitated mind.

Simple but effective habits that you can start to acquire to guarantee you a good night’s sleep. Book a specific ritual for your Beauty sleep and feel rejuvenated.

Janine Tavares

Com uma longa carreira internacional, a Janine é formadora e coordenadora da área Wellness da TOPSPA Consultants. Com formação inicial em cosmetologia, desenvolveu a sua carreira em dayspas, cruise line spas, resort & hotel spas. O desafio na área de gestão iniciou-se nos Emirados Árabes Unidos, onde teve o privilégio de liderar equipas de várias nacionalidades em vários spas emblemáticos dos quais se destaca o Armani Spa - Burj Kalifa ou o Emirates Palace Spa. No processo de crescimento pessoal, alterou hábitos de vida para viver de uma forma mais consciente e saudável. Participou em vários retiros na India e em Bali, e formações de Yoga incluindo a certificação como professora da modalidade, aprendeu e conheceu várias pessoas inspiradoras, para hoje poder também inspirar e consciencializar outros para a importância de procurar e seguir uma vida mais plena.

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