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"What Dosha am I?"

Ayurveda, “Science of Life”, originated in India over 7 thousand years ago is, as we know, one of the oldest medicinal systems in the world. In this ancient medicine, people are made up of three Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha), which define our physical and psychological characteristics of  people and is closely linked to the philosophical system of the Five elements of Nature: Ether, Air, Fire , Water and Earth.

Dosha Vata combines Air and Ether; the Dosha Pitta Fire and Water and the Dosha Kapha Earth and Water.

At birth, each of these Doshas has the same proportion, there is a balance of these elements. As we grow, our diet, education and lifestyle create a natural imbalance, making one or two of these Doshas predominate. The predominant Dosha or the combination of two predominants define our biological profile, that is, our biotype.

What are the benefits of knowing my biotype?

Each biotype is associated with physical and mental characteristics. Knowing it is essential to adjust your energy, nutritional, physical and psychological needs, in order to dilute the imbalances caused by excess or deficiency of one of the Doshas. It should be noted that for Ayurvedic medicine it is from this imbalance that illnesses arise.

Here you can find some detailed information about each Dosha?

Vata – From Sanskrit vayu means “one who moves things”

The ether and air elements make this the lightest of the Doshas. Like the wind in nature, Vata is always in motion and is responsible for all body movements, whether voluntary or involuntary.

Physical characteristics of VATA people:

– Tall, thin, light;
– Your skin is dry and rough;
– Thin hair;
– Fast paced when walking.

Mental characteristics:

– Creative and enthusiastic;
– Enjoys new experiences;
– Poor memory;
– Emotionally unstable;
– Avoids confrontations.

Main concerns:

– Light sleep and predisposition to insomnia;
– Constipation;
– Tiredness;
– Low energy level.

Our advice for Vata:

– Maintain a healthy diet in order to facilitate digestion;
– Establish a routine with mealtimes and bedtime;
– Relax with a hot tea when needed.

Pitta – From Sanskrit pinj means “what digests”

The action of the elements fire and water helps in digestion and metabolism. Like fire, pitta generates heat by burning and transforming everything around it. Pitta is responsible for all the transformation processes in our body, whether physical or emotional.

Physical characteristics:

– Athletic body structure;
– Light or pink skin sometimes freckled;
– Normal to oily skin;
– Smooth, sometimes oily hair;
– Tendency to sweat easily;
– Does not like heat;
– Brisk walker.

Mental characteristics:

– Entrepreneur, likes a good challenge;
– Focused and organized;
– Direct speech;
– Smart.

Main concerns:

– Stress and irritation;
– Sometimes it is invaded by the feeling of intense hunger and thirst;
– The feeling of heat and thirst can interrupt your sleep.

Our advice for Pitta:

– Give preference to cold, raw or dry foods;
– Avoid salty, acidic or spicy foods;
– Organize your schedule so that you can have more leisure time;
– Take a few minutes out of your day to relax with a cold tea.

Kapha – From Sanskrit shlish means “one who keeps things together”

The combination of the earth and water elements gives the kapha structure, stability, firmness, slowness. Kapha is responsible for our physical and psychological structure, governing our immunity and resistance to disease.

Physical characteristics:

– Wide and solid constitution;
– Pale, cold and oily skin;
– Strong, thick and curly hair.

Mental characteristics:

– Quiet and relaxed;
– Stable;
– Affectionate;
– Good memory;
– Slow speech.

Main problems:

– Somnolence;
– Nausea;
– Sexual impotence.

Our advice for Kapha:

– Give preference to spicy and hot foods;
– Look for activities that encourage you;
– Dance.

To summarize, discovering your Dosha is a way to deepen knowledge of yourself. Rebalance your Doshas through yoga, an Ayurvedic massage or come and try one of our wellness retreats.

At Mandalay Spa we personalize your massage to your Dosha, assess your predominant Dosha, managing to meet your energy, physical and mental needs. The end result is marvelous.


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