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Paula Guedes

published in 19 de Abril de 2021 | 3 reading time

"The best Spa Vouchers to give to the best mom in the world"

Atualizado a 31 de Março de 2022

Article updated on March 31, 2022.


Offer well-being and quality of life to those you love the most because in the end these are the moments that stay. Count on the wise hands of our therapists to make your mother happier. You just need to choose which spa voucher will give you the opportunity to “unplug” and relax deeply.

I want to suggest something that I promise you will be unforgettable: enter the parallel world, where all the worries and the weight of everyday life are at the doorstep. A world in which you are invaded by aromas, sensations and that will make you feel light and relaxed.


Offer well-being and quality time to your mother

4 Spa experiences to offer and/or share with your mother

1. Because the best mom deserves the best massage!

This experience will take your mother to a moment of peace and tranquility! Offer a spa voucher with a relaxing full-body massage with rose essential oils for hydrated, nourished and smooth skin. A gift to never forget!


2. Offer a peaceful retreat through a sensory journey to India!

A holistic ritual that balances energy. I suggest a spa voucher with an abhyanga back massage followed by a hydrating facial and Indian head massage. This experience will be the break your mother needs so much!


3 - Allow a moment of pure relaxation through a sea of ​​tranquility!

Surprise your mother with a few minutes of well-being! Offer a spa voucher with an incredible body scrub with marine trace elements that will prepare the skin for a totally relaxing massage from head to toe. The perfect ritual for a total disconnection from everyday stress!


4 - The quality time your mother needs so much!

If you feel your mom needs an extra energy boost, this could be the perfect option. I suggest offering a spa voucher with an invigorating cactus peak brush exfoliation, followed by a relaxing body massage to help restore well-being. A memorable gift!


Spa experiences to offer on Mother's Day

Did you know that Mother's Day is one of the most celebrated dates on the calendar?

The truth is that this celebration originated in ancient Greece and has been adopted over the centuries by different peoples and religions. Interestingly, it is through history that we realize how this little word is so universal because love can have that language.

On this day, you have the perfect excuse to pamper that person who, regardless of biological ties, considers his "mother", whether through gestures, words or with gifts.

I gave you some suggestions that were specially created for this very special date, but you can choose to offer as a spa voucher the experience that best meets your mother's needs and desires!

Just a click away, buy one of our Mother's Day vouchers. Thus, your mother will have two satisfactions: the first, in the surprise of the arrival of her voucher and the second when she comes to visit us to live the Spa experience.

Paula Guedes

Paula Guedes has been a partner at TOPSPA Consultants since 2005. She is the Chief Operating Officer in the spa management division and oversees consultancy project management. Paula holds a degree in Social and Organizational Psychology and an MBA in Management with a specialization in Marketing. In the spa industry, she has been a guest lecturer at the University of Algarve, Lusophone University, and Hospitality Schools.

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