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Janine Tavares

published in 11 de Abril de 2019 | 4 reading time

"O que considerar para escolher o melhor retiro de wellness (Bem-Estar)"

What to consider when Choosing the best Wellness Retreat

Retreat – a word that has gained a lot of credit in the past few years and everyone nowadays talks about doing a retreat. But what is that?

A retreat is a withdrawal to focus on something, usually focus on the self. Taking time out of a regular routine, leaving problems and distractions behind for a certain period of time. A retreat can be done solo or as a group, locally or involving a trip to a specific location.

A retreat allows you to pull back from the world.

Yoga | Retreat

A retreat is more than a vacation. And why is that?Mind-body has one focus

Because the retreat is dedicated solely to one thing, your focus will have an intention, and you will dedicate yourself to that intention. Eat only detox food, dedicate time to meditation, practice yoga the entire day… Whatever it is, your mind will be reflecting on just one or very few things, on the contrary of what you do on a vacation – thinking about what to do the next day, gossip, mind distractions, etc. Everything involving the retreat – accommodation, food, facilities, exercise, location, program – is in line with what you are seeking to achieve, being more difficult to drift the mind away from the goal.

A retreat has a specific intent

Analyze your past year, think about how you are feeling and reflect on what you want/need next. Decide your Retreat from there. There are many types of retreats that can be chosen according to the goal you are looking for:

Wellness retreats

Retreats focusing on the well-being. People are more health conscious, so these retreats are centered on a happy and healthy living. Usually includes proper food, exercise, coaching and spa treatments.

Meditation retreats

This type of retreats involves everything around meditation. Mastering the art of the mind is a self-experience to be practiced and that requires time.

Silent retreats

It’s a unique retreating system which comprises the act of remaining silent during a certain session, or the entire retreat. It creates peace and self-reflection.

Yoga retreats

This retreat allows yogis to dedicate their entire retreat time to yoga. The schedule evolves around the yoga practice – Yoga postures various times of the day, meditation, vegetarian cuisine and workshops.

Other types of retreats include weight loss – centered on losing weight; religious – dedicated to God; nature – with activities around nature, etc. Wellness retreats are the most popular in Portugal, as they usually involve the wholeness of a person – body, mind and spirit.

A retreat has a specific intent

Retreats have long-term benefits

Regardless of the length of the retreat, the benefits are always there, and you will take them home with you. Of course, the longer you stay at a retreat, the more likely you are to keep up with your new practices when you get back home. With longer retreats you have a better chance to create new lifestyle practices, that will become life-long habits. And because you will see how good you feel, you will want to continue those practices at home. Even if you don’t take them all with you, there is always something on your mind that shifts, even unconsciously.

You will be taken care of

Retreats have a set day schedule, everything is organized for you – from the accommodation, the activities (yoga, spa treatments…), the food, etc. From the moment you wake up until you go to sleep, you don’t have to think about anything. You just have to completely relax, leaving your mind free to consciously dedicate this time to yourself.

The most important thing to do when going on a retreat is to make mental notes, or on a journal, about what your key takeaways are. It is definitely a life changing experience…

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Janine Tavares

Com uma longa carreira internacional, a Janine é formadora e coordenadora da área Wellness da TOPSPA Consultants. Com formação inicial em cosmetologia, desenvolveu a sua carreira em dayspas, cruise line spas, resort & hotel spas. O desafio na área de gestão iniciou-se nos Emirados Árabes Unidos, onde teve o privilégio de liderar equipas de várias nacionalidades em vários spas emblemáticos dos quais se destaca o Armani Spa - Burj Kalifa ou o Emirates Palace Spa. No processo de crescimento pessoal, alterou hábitos de vida para viver de uma forma mais consciente e saudável. Participou em vários retiros na India e em Bali, e formações de Yoga incluindo a certificação como professora da modalidade, aprendeu e conheceu várias pessoas inspiradoras, para hoje poder também inspirar e consciencializar outros para a importância de procurar e seguir uma vida mais plena.

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