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"Learn how to choose the best Sports Massage without making a mistake"

Anyone who practices sport knows that recovery periods are just as important as periods of activity. In addition to rest and a healthy and balanced diet, sports massage should also be part of a good recovery routine. However, to choose the best possible massage for you, you must take into account a few factors.

Continue reading this article to learn how to choose the best sports massage. Learn how to make your recovery periods even more effective.

At the end of this article you will know:

  • Everything you need to know about Sports Massage
  • 5 tips for choosing the best Sports Massage
  • How to implement Sports Massage in your routine
It is not always easy to choose a sports massage. See our advice and never miss again!


Everything you need to know about Sports Massage

Sports massage allows you to stimulate and stretch the muscles, with the aim of preparing or recovering the body from a physical effort. In general, it helps to improve the soft tissues most used during physical exercise, such as the skin, tendons, muscles, among others.

This type of massage is suitable for high-level athletes and for all people who practice sport regularly. Each massage is personalized, considering the type of exercises practiced and the most worked and affected tissues.

Some of the benefits of this practice are:

  • Injury prevention;
  • Reduction of muscle spasms, edema and inflammation;
  • Elimination of toxins from the muscles;
  • Muscle toning;
  • Improved sleep quality and recovery time;
  • Post-workout pain relief;
  • Increased range and flexibility of movement;
  • Stimulation of blood flow;
  • Relaxation or stimulation of the central nervous system;
  • Decreased anxiety.


5 tips for choosing the best Sports Massage


1. Identify the most qualified professionals

When it comes to health, we must always ensure that we have the best professionals. Just as you look for the best doctors to treat your health problems, you should also look for the best therapists to take care of your body.

Before choosing a service or treatment location, find out who the professionals are, their qualifications and experience. If possible, choose a professional who specializes in the type of massage you are looking for, based on the type of physical exercise you practice.


2. Look for reviews on massage venues

The internet has several benefits, one of which is the facilitated dissemination of information.

Before choosing your sports massage, look for opinions about the place in question. Is the service pleasant? Does it have good levels of cleanliness? Is the general opinion of the people who visit you positive or negative? All this will be important for your decision making.


3. Focus on service quality

Looking for the most wallet-friendly sports massage can seem tempting. However, price should be a secondary factor in your choice. Focus more on the benefits that a quality sports massage can bring you.

Choose a spa that offers a good price-quality balance. And remember: often, cheap turns out expensive.


4. Enhance infrastructure

In addition to the sports massage itself, a spa is a place where you can enjoy a set of infrastructures that complement the massage and are important to achieve your recovery goals.

When choosing a spa to have your sports massage, try to understand what infrastructures you can enjoy.

There are spas where you can use the facilities for free when booking your massage. Take the opportunity to make your massage experience even more relaxing.

Among the available infrastructures, the swimming pool, the Turkish bath, the sauna, the hammam, among others, stand out. When selecting a spa, prioritize the one that offers the complementary services you are looking for, to further enhance your recovery periods between workouts.


5. Experiment and draw your own conclusions

Opinions and ratings aside, in the end you'll only have to do one thing: experiment and draw your own conclusions. After gathering all the necessary information, book your massage at the chosen location and see for yourself if the quality you expected is the quality you are receiving in the service.


How to implement Sports Massage in your routine

If you value a healthy lifestyle, which includes the practice of sport, you know that recovery periods are essential to take care of your body in the best possible way.

Count on TopSpa's support to implement sports massage in your sports routine. Through personalized advice, our therapists are also available to answer all your questions.

You can book your sports massage online, just a click away.


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