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"How to choose the best Ayurvedic Massage in Lisbon and balance your energies (with suggestions!)"

Do you feel out of energy, out of ideas and notice that the small physical pains of everyday life start to bother you more and more? In this guide we will explain how to choose the best Ayurvedic Massage in Lisbon to balance your energies once and for all.

If you want to take advantage of this ancient science and want to know how to choose the Ayurvedic therapy that best suits you, read on and discover:

  • Everything you need to know about Ayurvedic therapies;
  • 20 reasons to get an Ayurvedic massage;
  • Who can benefit from an Ayurvedic massage;
  • How to find out what your Dosha is;
  • Checklist to choose the best Ayurvedic massage in Lisbon;
  • What are the best Ayurvedic massages in Lisbon.
Discover all the benefits of Ayurvedic massage


Let's renew energies!

Everything you need to know about Ayurvedic therapies:

As a rule, traditional medicine tends to focus on symptoms, often forgetting the cause.

Ayurvedic medicine is an alternative therapy for the prevention and treatment of diseases that interprets the symptom in two ways:

  • On the one hand, as a warning sign that something is wrong with the body;
  • On the other hand, as an indication that it is urgent to act on a deeper level of correction to solve the psychosomatic imbalance.

 An Ayurvedic therapist, far from ignoring the symptom, focuses, above all, on discovering its origin. To do this, an Ayurvedic practitioner asks questions such as:

  • Have you been sleeping well?
  • Have you had any heartache lately?
  • Do you have a healthy and balanced diet?

All this is at the basis of what Ayurveda medicine is:

  • Health prevention;
  • Treatment of the cause that precedes the disease;
  • The search for the balance of the human being in a holistic way.


In Sanskrit, “ayur” means “life” and “veda” means “science”. Ayurveda is thus the science of life, health and longevity.


Next, we will discover some benefits of Ayurvedic massage for the body.


20 reasons to get an Ayurvedic massage

The list of Ayurvedic massage benefits for the body is extensive. In addition to releasing stress and relieving muscle contractures, this ancient technique has many other associated benefits that we list below:

  • Contributes to reducing body fat and cellulite;
  • Eliminates fluid retention;
  • Stimulates oxygenation by nourishing tissue cells;
  • Strengthens the immune system;
  • Helps to prevent diseases;
  • Relieves muscle tension and improves flexibility;
  • Regulates appetite;
  • Regulates intestinal activity;
  • Rejuvenates the skin;
  • Reduces joint pain in patients with osteoarthritis;
  • Decreases blood pressure in patients suffering from hypertension;
  • Improves muscular dystrophy;
  • Relaxes the body, mind and spirit;
  • Eliminates the feeling of fatigue and balances energies;
  • Increases self-awareness;
  • Eliminates accumulated stress;
  • Decreases the level of harmful toxins for the proper functioning of the organism;
  • Increases concentration and focus levels;
  • Improves mood.


If you're still not sure whether to surrender to a pair of hands, know that Ayurvedic massage can also help prevent depression.


Who can benefit from Ayurvedic massage?

According to Ayurvedic medicine, the human body has five elements: air, ether, fire, water and earth. Each of these elements feed different moods or energetic and emotional states of the body:   the so-called Doshas.

According to Ayurvedic principles, physical or mental illness arises because of the imbalance of one of these Doshas. Therefore, Ayurvedic therapies are indicated for all people who:

  • Feel that their body is out of balance or sick;
  • They want to find out what their dosha is and balance it;
  • Desire to restore the mind-body-spirit balance through ancient Ayurvedic medicine.


How to find out what your Dosha is?

Before the Ayurvedic massage, the therapist evaluates the client's doshas to try to understand where the psychosomatic imbalance may be.

But what are doshas anyway? Doshas are the physical manifestation of the five elements in our body. Each human being has a predominant dosha which, according to this science, is what causes the mental, physical, and emotional profile of each individual.

There are 3 main doshas: vata, kapha and pitta.

Dosha Vata

Dosha vata is responsible for movement (breathing, heartbeat, nerve impulses) and creative expression.

Although it circulates throughout the body, the location of this dosha is the large intestine, so this is where imbalances in the body are felt first. In addition to irregular digestions, people with dosha vata have stiff joints, so frequent massage is recommended.

Dosha Kapha

With an above average physical and emotional resistance - this is how individuals with a predominance of kappa are characterized. At the same time, they tend to fall into inertia and, as a consequence, gain weight. Out of balance, a kappa's body begins to give signals: digestions become slower and the airways become congested.

Dosha Pitta

Charismatic, ambitious and insightful. So are individuals with a predominance of pitta. The pitta dosha is closely linked to the fire element and represents the energy of transformation. The primary site of this dosha is the small intestine, so pitta individuals should be on the lookout for symptoms such as increased internal heat, rashes, and fever. A regular walk by the sea is advised, as is the practice of meditation.


Checklist for choosing the best Ayurvedic massage in Lisbon

To get the most out of Ayurvedic massages, it is important to keep in mind four essential points that contribute to the quality of your treatment:


Experience and qualifications of therapists

It is important that Ayurvedic massages are performed by certified professionals who know how to read the client's body and apply the most appropriate technique according to this reading.


Product quality

The quality of the products is important as well as selecting the most suitable hot oil for the patient's dosha type.

Natural vegetable oils from the renowned Sundãri brand are an excellent choice for Ayurvedic massages.


Offer in terms of Spa infrastructure

Ideally, the spa should have excellent conditions in terms of infrastructure. There are Spas that allow their facilities to be used at no additional cost.

In this way, it is possible to prolong the feeling of well-being by enjoying relaxation rooms, swimming pools, among others.


International recognition

Having the recognition of international organizations such as the World Luxury Spa Awards is an asset to consider. This award is the pinnacle of achievement in the luxury spa industry, rewarding excellence in facilities and service.


Ayurvedic massage in Lisbon: discover the best suggestions

In Ayurveda medicine, it is stipulated that each person needs a personalized treatment that must be in accordance with their physical and emotional needs, their Doshas.

There are several rituals that prove the benefits of Ayurvedic massage. To make the decision easier, we share with you which are the best Ayurvedic massages in Lisbon and what results you can expect.


Ayurvedic Massage - Mandalay

Mandalay Spa's Ayurvedic Massage helps release toxins, stimulates the body's muscles and blood circulation.

It is a ritual that begins with an assessment of the Dosha and selection of the most suitable oil (vata, kapha or pitta). The client is invited to lie down on a tatami and let himself be involved by the therapist's deep and vigorous movements that culminate in a feeling of a looser body and in balance.

Moment of an Ayurvedic Massage in Lisbon at Mandalay Spa


The Refinery Ultimate Face & Body - CitySpa

This treatment includes an Ayurvedic scalp massage, a back scrub and massage, and a facial.

The experience begins with a deep cleansing of the back - through an exotic combination of the finest essential and natural vegetable oils exclusive to The Refinery range. Added to this sensation are anti-stress techniques that relax the muscles of the back and help to relax the scalp.

The icing on the cake is the end: a premium facial that results in smoother, luminous and cared for skin.


Shirodhara Ritual - Mandalay Spa

Aimed at deep relaxation, Shirodhara is one of the most sought after Ayurvedic therapies for those who want to return natural energy to the body.

This age-old healing technique uses hot essential oils that, applied to the forehead, hair, and scalp, aid the therapist's movements while massaging the entire upper body.

These natural products are carefully selected and chosen according to the patient's dosha type.


Ayurvedic Massage - CitySpa

Aimed at releasing toxins and increasing joint mobility, Ayurvedic massage combines traction maneuvers with stretching techniques.

It is the ideal massage to stimulate the body's vital points and restore its natural energy levels. The style of movement and the flow of massage are determined by the client's needs, as is customary in oriental medicine.


Book your Ayurvedic massage in Lisbon now!

Invest in yourself and schedule one of the treatments of this ancient science. To enjoy the benefits of Ayurvedic massage, contact TOPSPA's specialized team, available to recommend the best Spas for you, as well as the wellness experiences best suited to your current needs.


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