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Cláudia Lopes

published in 22 de Março de 2021 | 4 reading time

"Gifts Ideas for the best dad in the world: offer a spa voucher"

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There are several offers for special days, but if you stop and think about what stays in the memory to remember later, you will see that it is the remarkable experiences that really linger in our minds and hearts. My suggestion is that instead of something material, offer a relaxing and unforgettable experience – a spa voucher.

Whether for your birthday, Father’s Day or any other occasion where the wish is to congratulate your Father, opt for a spa experience. For what reason?

  • Allows you to symbolize the date;
  • Enables the inner experience caused by its anticipation;
  • will remain as a positive memory.

Spa experiences are full of sensations that touch the 5 senses, making them the ideal gift to stay in the memory and later remember.

4 Spa experiences to offer your Father:

1. Sensory trip to Southeast Asia through a massage at Mandalay Spa

If your Father is an active person who likes to travel and get to know other cultures, I recommend a visit to the Mandalay Spa. This spa is  recognized for its rituals that connects  to Southeast Asian rituals . From India to Thailand, you will be able to choose luxurious experiences that will take you to exotic locations.

I suggest a spa voucher with a massage located on the back, shoulders and neck that will help relieve stress and transport you on a sensory journey to Southeast Asia!

If your father wants a moment of well-being and anti-stress, this is the perfect ritual!

You can find the Mandalay Spa in 3 reference hotels, with an indoor pool free to use for those who book a spa experience.


  • The PortoBay Liberdade Hotel, very close to Marquês de Pombal, in Lisbon.
  • The intimate Hotel PortoBay Flores, right in the historic center of Porto.
  • The Evolutee Hotel, at the epicenter of a green landscape of the Campo do Royal Óbidos Golf & Spa.

2. Evasion moments in the true city oasis, your CitySpa

To relax your body and mind in an environment of harmony, among scents, sounds and therapies, CitySpa is without a doubt the true city oasis. It is the only dayspa awarded annually by the World Luxury Spa Awards since 2014.

Offer a spa voucher with a body massage to relieve muscle tension in the back, shoulders and neck area. Tell your Dad to schedule the use of the hammam with chromotherapy and aromatherapy before the massage and to enjoy the relaxation room.

After this spa experience, I am sure your father will feel more relaxed, light, and invigorated.

Don't let such a special date go blank! Surprise your father!

3. Tranquility by the river combined with a luxury ritual at BSpa by Karin Herzog

The perfect choice if your father values ​​a wide and trendy space. BSpa by Karin Herzog, located in the Altis Belém Hotel & Spa, is the ideal place for your father to disconnect from everything and focus on what really interests him – relax!

In a space of complete tranquility by the river, the spa has 1000 m2 that includes:

  • Indoor pool;
  • Turkish bath;
  • Steam room;
  • Sundeck;
  • A wide surrounding area.

To provide a moment of rest, I suggest a spa voucher with an anti-stress massage , designed to relax and enjoy a unique and special moment. It will promote an immediate feeling of well-being.

4. A dip in a sea of ​​tranquility through a massage at BluSpa

Perfect for restoring energy, at BluSpa you can find the best therapies and experiences with cosmetic benefits associated with marine biotechnology to satisfy the needs of deep relaxation, in addition to a variety of facial and body treatments.

The BluSpa is in one of the most famous avenues in Lisbon, Av. Da República, at the Jupiter Lisboa Hotel, but also, further south, in Albufeira, at the PortoBay Falésia Hotel and both have an entrance to the aqua zone upon booking a spa experience.

If your father needs a break, I propose a spa voucher with a massage in the most tense points, back and shoulders, with the aim of promoting well-being and relaxation.

Offer a SPA Voucher on Father’s Day

As usual, there are always last-minute doubts about the special gift to offer to one of the most important men in our lives. This year, enjoy and let him dream of an unforgettable experience by offering a special Father’s Day voucher where you can enjoy luxury treatments for your physical and mental well-being.

On March 19, Father’s Day, surprise your father with a spa voucher for an extraordinary experience of relaxation and energy replenishment.




Cláudia Lopes

Desde sempre apaixonada pela área do bem-estar, orientou desde 2016 a sua atividade para a divulgação e partilha de conhecimento desta área. A experiência direta de contacto com publico nacional e internacional em vários spas, aliada à sua formação em Marketing e Comunicação, conferem-lhe uma forte sensibilidade para as necessidades do cliente spa.

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