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published in 8 de Novembro de 2021 | 4 reading time

"Discover the surprising effects of relaxing neck massage"

Excessive tension and bad posture affect the quality of life for most of the population. Relaxing neck massages will help relieve muscle tension and make you feel more comfortable.

It is a fact: the head weighs on our shoulders; the chairs we use are not always appropriate; we spend our days crooked, nervous, accumulating tension in the neck area. Then we get home and all we can think about is the unbearable pain that seems to pour down our back. How nice it would be to have some hands there that would loosen our sore muscles with a good relaxing massage on the neck.

In fact, relieving this area massacred by the burdens of life goes far beyond undoing accumulated knots. Helps to straighten the posture and to look forward to the next day. Leaving your neck like liquid caramel is just another of the unexpected effects to experience.

exemplo de como é feita a massagem relaxante no pescoço
Relaxing neck massage will help relieve muscle tension and make you feel more comfortable.

Relaxing Neck Massage: Why everyone needs it


According to studies that indicate that two in three people will have symptoms of neck pain at some point in their lives, it is one of the most global health problems of modern life. Most likely, those who are reading us now will have suffered from neck pain in more than one moment.


 The relaxing neck massage seeks to reverse the damage resulting from spending days bent over, poor sitting and lying down positions.


 The golden rule is to keep your neck in a neutral position whenever possible, but this is a difficult principle to follow due to sedentary lifestyle, stress and even the misuse we make of technologies.


How is a relaxing neck massage performed?


 By accumulating most of the daily tensions, the neck deserves greater concern. A warm neutral oil is spread that enhances the effects of the massage, enriched with aromatherapy essential oils. 

From there, it's like there is an off button. You will feel the therapist's hands traveling over your neck, shoulders and back with a lot of circular movements and sliding. The thumbs will help to put extra pressure on the most critical points of knots and contractures.

 The maneuvers follow one another from the base of the skull to the end of the spine, from top to bottom: they "knead" the trapezium, the sides of the neck, the scalp. They work on the rhomboid, spinal cord and all the other muscles in the neck and head that attach to the back for total relief for anyone being massaged. 


Relaxing neck massages make improvements in a much broader area as muscles and nerve endings work in a network and are all interconnected.


One thing is certain: the relaxing neck massage restores energy and ensures a great feeling of comfort. If we combine the extraordinary powers of essential oils with deep massage techniques, the result will be even more relaxing for the person receiving it.

imagem de uma massagem relaxante no pescoço em casal
Studies indicate that two out of three people will have symptoms of neck pain at some point in their lives.

The 4 benefits of a good relaxing neck massage


When the pain you feel is just due to excess tension built up, without being caused by serious orthopedic problems, a good kneading and sliding well managed can do a lot for your sore neck:

  1. Eliminate tension knots and energy blocks.
  2. Relax sore muscles resulting from strenuous work, repetitive movements, and bad postures of everyday life.
  3. Promote neck lengthening and spinal alignment.
  4. Provide relief from stiff necks, sprains, and nervous tension.


Signs that You Need a Relaxing Neck Massage, No Excuses


By now, I am sure you have already detected signs that you should schedule your relaxing neck massage as soon as possible, so your body does not play tricks on you. The time is scarce, and you continue to postpone the massage? Perhaps in the hope that this pain will pass on its own? Remember, what starts out as a local pain can degenerate into a contracture of epic proportions in no time.

If you still have doubts about what to do, ask yourself some questions and answer them honestly:

  • Do you spend hours with your cervical flexed on your smartphone or tablet?
  • Has your neck felt stiff?
  • Do you feel weight in your shoulders?
  • Do you have pain running down your back?
  • Do you feel your head or eyes throbbing?

These are all indicators that you need special care. Other symptoms to consider when it comes to the neck are:

  • Feeling of pins;
  • Difficulty rotating the head or moving it from top to bottom;
  • Sensitivity or numbness in the surrounding areas.

Usually, although painful, most symptoms are resolved with time and an appropriate approach. Avoid sitting in a chair for hours on end. Move your neck in all directions slowly, several times a day, without sudden twists. And, of course, book a nice relaxing neck massage.




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