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Paula Guedes

published in 4 de Fevereiro de 2021 | 6 reading time

"Celebrate love at one of the best Spas in Lisbon"

Over time, knowing how to maintain romance in a relationship is without a doubt a challenge. Unfortunately, routine, career, children, patience, and the constant lack of time are factors that can affect relationships in a negative manner. The truth is that there must be an effort made by the couple to change their routine, to disconnect from the stress of everyday life and create ways to maintain romance and maintain the passion alive.

If your vacation has long passed or is several months away, there are solutions for you in Lisbon that will allow you some quality relaxing time. Planning a visit to a city spa, or better yet, enjoying your favorite spa on a regular basis, can be the perfect way to share good times as a couple. There are several Spas in Lisbon with romantic massage rituals to share with two.

5 Reasons to share a Spa experience for two:

1. Do different activities

If you have never been to a spa as a couple, the novelty itself is already an important factor for the visit. Couples need to create positive memories and the first time in any activity is always a marking point. If this type of experience is not new, opt for a different spa or different ritual, for example a massage with Toksen or Pindas.

2. Have a couple massage

Massages are unique relaxation experiences that stimulate the well-known hormone of well-being – endorphins. Endorphins have an analgesic effect, which relieve muscle pain and promote the body’s balance and sense of well-being. The sharing of positive experiences increases the spirit of union and complicity in the couple.

3. Relax for two at a city spa

A spa is the best place to relax! Associated with the pleasure of massage, the spas have a set of infrastructures that induce relaxation such as water circuits and / or Turkish bath, sauna, which make the delights of a perfect day of relaxation for two.

4. Therapeutic and aesthetic benefits in a Spa session

A spa is not just for relaxing! In an urban Spa you can easily find rituals with aesthetic benefits such as facials, exfoliations, detoxifying treatments, or with more therapeutic benefits such as back pain, mental fatigue or even sleep problems.

5. The Spa is the ideal break from your routine

Now that city spas are increasingly accessible, make it a habit to visit a spa on a regular basis. Drop bad habits and replace them with trips to the best spa in Lisbon to invigorate your body and mind. In a good spa you will find holistic rituals that contribute to  a healthy mind in a healthy body.

These are just some of the reasons to visit a spa together with your partner. Each spa has its concept, its specific treatment menu and a set of characteristics that make them unique. Take the opportunity to choose the best massage for couples or diversify and take a tour of the different options available.

4 Spas Suggestions in Lisbon

We suggest 4 spas in Lisbon that have rituals for couples specially designed for a day or an afternoon of relaxation for two. Enjoy and start thinking about your next romantic experience now.


Space… space…. and more space .. is one of the most impressive features in the 1000 m2 Altis Belém Hotel Spa, next to the Tagus River. The ambience of this Spa is trendy and welcoming, with a bamboo garden and natural light, which invites meditation and relaxation. At BSpa it is possible to purchase a daily pass for access to the water circuit of the fantastic Thermo Garden (large indoor dynamic pool; Sauna; Hammam; Turkish bath; Sensory showers and Outdoor pool at the sundeck), or enjoy  complimentary  access to the Spa when purchasing a massage or spa treatment.

Being an exclusive signature Spa Karin Herzog (world leader in oxygen therapies), it has excellent body and face treatments that can be enjoyed by couples. For a special day for two we suggest a program that combines the B in Love massage with a hydrating exfoliation.

BSpa by Karin Herzog – Couple Room


The best spa in Lisbon, nominated by the World Luxury Spa Awards since 2014. It is a day spa with an exclusive and luxurious decoration in soft and relaxing tones, intimate, and recognized for its unique quality of service. Ideal for those looking for a retreat and moments of escape with complete privacy.

The 4 treatment rooms stand out for their discretion and comfort, the relaxation area is surrounded by an intimate atmosphere with aromas that awaken the senses and prolong the Zen state after the rituals. Those who prefer water experiences have excellent options with a 2 or 4 hand vichy shower.

CitySpa massages have a special focus on aromatherapy and the possibility to choose the oil that best suits the mood of each moment. Choosing between relaxing, invigorating or anti-stress, our ritual suggestion is called Time For Two aromatherapy massage with the desired oil, a ritual and exfoliation of the feet with hot towels.

CitySpa – Couple Room


If you are in the heart of the city of Lisbon, we suggest Mandalay Spa Liberdade near Av. Da Liberdade. Also awarded by the World Luxury Spa Awards, in the Hotel category (PortoBay Liberdade Hotel), it has a magnificent 700 square meters in a cozy atmosphere with an indoor pool, amethyst Turkish bath and sauna. It has a concept quite different from the usual city spas, where the rituals inspired by Southwest Asia prevail, with ancestral origins of Ayurvedic medicine, and Thai traditions.

Our suggestion for a ritual for two is a massage of Indian origin with long, flowing movements that start with a Thai foot ritual and has the option to include a facial express in its longer version of 85 minutes.

Mandalay Spa Liberdade – Couple Room


On the famous Avenida da República in Lisbon, you will find a spa with a marine concept, in which the entire environment is recreated to give you the feeling of diving into a sea of ​​tranquility. It has a fantastic indoor pool with hydrotherapy jets, Turkish bath, sauna and 4 treatment rooms (including one for couples). It is a Spa inspired by the cosmetic benefits associated with marine biotechnology where you will find exclusive massages, treatments, and rituals to feel healthy, relaxed and balanced.

With the sea as a backdrop, we suggest a couple massage that reproduces the waves of the sea, involving and sensory, inspired by the Havaian lomi-lomi method.

BluSpa Jupiter – Couple Massage (Blu Moon)

The options are varied and with a wide menu of massages that can be shared with couples and that make each visit a unique experience.

Valentine’s Day at a spa?

If we triggered your curiosity, you should know that these spas build specific and exclusive experiences for special days, such as that of St. Valentine. You can offer a Spa voucher for Valentine’s Day even during quarantine.

Take this opportunity to show how much you love and want to provide or share good times with your better half.

Remember that the experience starts with the expectation of the visit, more than ever you need the anticipation of happy moments, which make you forget the world outside.

Innovating, breaking the routine, and promoting moments to relax and share good times together, is essential to maintain romance.

Take the time to think about how to pamper and celebrate the most romantic day of the year.

In the end, the hard part will be choosing.

Paula Guedes

Paula Guedes é partner da TOPSPA Consultants desde 2005, é Diretora Geral de Operações da area de gestão de spas e responsavel pela gestão de projectos de consultoria spa. É licenciada em Psicologia Social e das Organizações e MBA em gestão com especialização em Marketing. Iniciou a sua carreira na área de Recursos Humanos tendo sido Diretora de Recursos Humanos em multinacionais tecnologicas e de comunicações. É docente convidada nas cadeiras de Psicologia Organizacional, Gestão de Pessoas e e-learning em várias universidades. Na área de Spa, foi docente convidada em pós-graduações na Universidade do Algarve, Universidade Lusófona e em Escolas de Hotelaria.

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