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Melissa Ferreira

published in 4 de Maio de 2020 | 2 reading time

"A second trip to Thailand ..."

Thai Poultice

Today we are going to share with you the incredible benefits of Thai poultice!

And what are Thai Poultice?

The practice of healing with Poultice in Thailand. Called “kob pra luk” (sphere pressed herbs) remote almost 5,000 years ago. The benefits of medicinal plants have been widely studied. In practice, they are small fabric bags previously heated, which may contain aromatic herbs, plants, spices or essential oils and with various therapeutic properties, and which are usually used in massages with relaxing or stimulating effects. Thai poultice are thus an ancient way of taking advantage of plants and their therapeutic properties, in the therapeutic practice of massage.

Since ancient times, Thailand has used herbs and medicinal plants in its medicine to:

– Prevent diseases
– Cure diseases
– Heal wounds
– To relax

It has been noted that even today, a large part of our medicines are based on the active principles of traditional medicinal plants.

The fabric used to perform the pinda massage is, preferably, linen for its properties.

How are Thai poultice used?

The Thai poultice is filled with the appropriate mixture of herbs, plants and oils and subsequently heated by steam and applied to the body using pressures and circular movements. The effect of medicinal herbs associated with the right movements, provides muscle relaxation, venous stimulation, pain relief and is anti-inflammatory, among other benefits, through the transfer of these herbal properties from pinda to the recipient’s skin.

What are the objectives of using poultice?

The main objectives of this type of massage can be several, depending on the mixture of herbs, plants and oils used.

Typically, in Spa the objectives are:

– Stress relief
– Increased energy
– Detoxification
– Muscle relaxation.

A healthy body is the principle objective of this ancient therapy.

We invite you to visit one of our Mandalay Spa and embark on a journey to Thailand. Our Thai experiences include the following:

– Foot ritual
– Thai pressures
– Manual massage
– Massage with poultice
– Tok Sen

We leave you with a recommendation, for you to consider:  Tranquil Journey of 80min, where we use calming poultice based on Basil and Vetiver if your goal is to be relaxed. If you want an energizing ritual, try the 50 min Prana Vital Energy with energizing pindas of Lemon Grass and Thai Ginger.

This experience will exceed your expectations!

Melissa Ferreira

Com formação inicial na área de estética e cosmetologia, desenvolveu competências nas áreas técnicas de spa com especial relevo nas medicinas ancestrais do sudoeste asiático como a shantala, ayurvedica, shirodhara, massagens de inspiração tailandesa, entre outras. A Melissa é hoje Brand e Spa Manager da marca Mandalay Spa e é formadora certificada por diversas marcas internacionais da área spa. Com 14 anos de experiência profissional, 8 dos quais na indústria spa integra também a equipa de consultores eformadores na área de projetos da TOPSPA Consultants.

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