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Paula Guedes

published in 19 de Abril de 2021 | 3 reading time

"The best gifts to offer to the best mom in the world"

For many, the search for the ideal offer for someone as special as a Mother is a headache. What I suggest is that you simplify it. You do not need the perfect gift, you need to show that you care about her well-being, that you want to surprise her and above all that you want to give a gesture of love. Invite your mother to dinner, be present whenever possible, write her a letter and treat her to a day at the Spa, where you will have the opportunity to “hangout” and relax deeply.

What I suggest is that with well-being offers, nothing better than to accompany your mother and also present her with your presence. How long has it been since you spent quality time with your mother?

I want to suggest something that I promise will be unforgettable: entering the parallel world, where all the worries and the burden of day-to-day life are at the door. A world in which they are invaded by aromas, sensations and that will make them feel light and relaxed.


Offer well-being and quality time to your mother

4 Experiências spa para oferecer e/ou partilhar com a sua mãe

1. Porque a melhor mãe, merece a Melhor Massagem Relaxante do Mundo!

Esta massagem levará a sua mãe para um momento de paz e tranquilidade, quase como se o mundo lá fora deixasse de existir durante 90min. Uma massagem completa, que incorpora as melhores técnicas de relaxamento do Mundo. Uma verdadeira terapia anti-stress.


Best Relaxing Massage in the World at CitySpa.

2 - Offer your mother a Shirodhara ritual and travel to India!

A holistic ritual that balances energy. Shirodhara is a unique ritual, very little known in the West but used in India for thousands of years. From Ayurvedic medicine, it consists of the targeted application of a heated therapeutic oil flow over the forehead, hair and scalp, followed by an Ayurvedic massage to the head and back. If you like exoticism and want to experience something truly different, then transport your mother to India.


Shirodhara ritual at the Mandalay Spa.

3 - Relax with your mother through a sea of ​​tranquility!

Take your mother on a deeply relaxing journey with the Blu Holistic ritual. The perfect combination of pressures and stretches, in a massage with sea bolus and lavender, to eliminate contractures, one by one. Everything around you slows down. Mind and body reconnect.


Massage with sea bolus and lavender on BluSpa

4 - Offer a unique experience to energize body and mind!

If tiredness and lack of energy are a constant, if you feel that your mother needs an extra energy boost, this may be the perfect option. The B Alive massage is the ideal ritual to unblock muscle tension points, promoting rapid physical recovery and a feeling of well-being.


B Alive massage at BSpa by Karin Herzog

Spa experiences to offer on Mother's Day

Did you know that Mother's Day is one of the most celebrated dates on the calendar?

The truth is that this celebration originated in ancient Greece and has been adopted over the centuries by different peoples and religions. Interestingly, it is through history that we realize how this little word is so universal because love can have that language.

On this day you have the perfect excuse to pamper that person who, regardless of biological ties, considers a "mother", whether by gestures, words or gifts.

I have already given you some suggestions that you can take advantage and offer on Mother's Day but you can also opt for the special vouchers created this year for this very special date, and because we live in a pandemic time where distance is imperative, give your mother a double treat. Just a click away, get one of our Mother's Day vouchers. Thus, your mother will have two satisfactions: the first, when your voucher arrives, and the second when you come to visit us to live the Spa experience.

Neste Dia da Mãe ofereça um Voucher!


Paula Guedes

Paula Guedes é partner da TOPSPA Consultants desde 2005, é Diretora Geral de Operações da area de gestão de spas e responsavel pela gestão de projectos de consultoria spa. É licenciada em Psicologia Social e das Organizações e MBA em gestão com especialização em Marketing. Iniciou a sua carreira na área de Recursos Humanos tendo sido Diretora de Recursos Humanos em multinacionais tecnologicas e de comunicações. É docente convidada nas cadeiras de Psicologia Organizacional, Gestão de Pessoas e e-learning em várias universidades. Na área de Spa, foi docente convidada em pós-graduações na Universidade do Algarve, Universidade Lusófona e em Escolas de Hotelaria.

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