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published in 7 de Abril de 2020 | 2 reading time

"Pamper your Mom…Connect the who you love the most"

It is common knowledge that we are living in difficult times and lockdown can be incredibly, All the tension that social isolation creates affects us now and how we will face the future. There will always be a pre COVID-19 and post COVID-19.

So how can you go about pampering those you most care for during this time?

Now that we cannot have physical contact, we have learned to value the simple touch and some ones presence. But we also learned ways to make that special someone feel special.

Small gestures likes sharing pictures and unique moments from the past, having a virtual dinner, asking the children to color in pictures that involve family or arranging a video call with family and friends.

Celebrating Mother´s Day at a distance?

This is a particularly important day, and this year even more so. It´s important during this time to think of the bright future that will soon come.

Invite your Mom to have a dinner online if you aren´t with her, chat about the special moments and memories you created.

We suggest a e-voucher from our spa for your Mom, and make her fell blessed and loved.

This gift purchase is just a click away, receive the voucher by email, and at a later date, her visit to our spa will be a dream come true and an experience that will make her forget the world out there.

Have look at our special offers for Mother´s Day!

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This away, even with quarantine, you can be close to your Mother and make her feel even more special.


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